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The Dominion Volume is an independent Canadian news blog dedicated to promoting traditionalism and Canadian nationalism.

The site was created to build a cohesive platform and strategy for the preservation of our civilization. The content focuses on stories that get covered up by mainstream media, and therefore not covered by the alternative conservative news sites. The site will remain disconnected from big tech and has no intention of becoming incorporated as a legal business entity.

The site and logo was named to pay homage to Canadian history, Canada being a British Imperial dominion with a rich culture and heritage. The logo is a stylized version of the shield from the Canadian coat of arms, which is featured on the naval ensign that served as our de facto national flag until 1965.


Our platform is a simple one, that being the restoration of Canada to its former glory through a resurrection of its old political traditions rooted in our history.

  1. Immigration restriction
  2. Acknowledgement of Canada’s racial character
  3. Criminalization of abortion
  4. Criminalizing sexual deviancy including pornography and homosexuality
  5. Reduction in income taxes, and increase in tariffs
  6. End to all COVID restrictions
  7. End foreign aid and military interventions
  8. Withdraw from NATO and the UN

We have several allies and friends in the war against censorship. Please note that I am not 100% in agreement on every issue to these people but support them nonetheless in their pursuit of truth.

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This site contains a literature archive. Send submissions to my email listed above. Click here to access. This archive is intended to store information and literature that is regularly censored, it is not an endorsement of any views expressed.