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You know how I know the devil is real? Man is the only species in the animal kingdom that actively seeks out its own extinction. Humanity hates itself. This becomes more and more apparent the more independent you become from humanity. Take a step back, gain your free will and don’t be whipped by the earth’s many pleasures and you will not be able to unsee it. The redpill isn’t just about hating women and Jews or whatever. It’s so much deeper than that. The final redpill is that we as a species are actively chasing our own destruction because we have contempt for ourselves, and whether or not you are willing to admit that this is indeed the struggle between Christ and Lucifer, you can still take a lot out of learning to respect yourself, and your fellow man.

There is one common theme in my life that I have noticed again and again. Although Jews (being the synagogue of Satan) are probably responsible for it this, I think is a fundamental question that can be asked and answered without answering the Jewish Question.

This common theme is the specifc and grotesque degeneracy of women. Especially white women. We as man are all fallen from grace, in our nature. Since the garden of Eden, we have collectively been chasing the short term pleasure rather than long term happiness. Pleasure and happiness are not the same thing, and in many cases they are fundamentally opposite from one another.

There is a reason, however that Eve was the one tricked by the serpent into eating from the tree of knowledge. Women are fundamentally different than men in this way. They are more susceptable to social pressure, and give into material pleasures far more easily than men do. Women are also the foundation of society, men are the builders. Women are the epicentre around which civilizations are created. Not agricultural belts in river valleys. Who do you think they were created for? Women make the children. Men protect the women and the children.

Those are the roles, and that is why when women are perverted by society, social pressure and the devil himself, it is far more grotesque than when a man gets addicted to drugs or using prostitutes or something. It is far more demeaning to be a prostitute than to hire one. It is far more tragic to be used than it is to use. And because women are weaker, and because their role in society is the most fundamental, it is not really possible for a woman to be on the “using” side of this dynamic.

But what happens when on a society wide scale women are told that actually serving the roles, doing the things they have been doing since the Garden of Eden as commanded by God is actually toxic masculinity. That to be empowered in their feminity is to live like a grotesque, abusive man. Have casual sex, do drugs, pursue a career only to find out that even if you are presenting as an empowered woman, you just end up getting used by the system. For sex, or for profit.

Women are the ones recieving in a sexual relationship, both physically and spiritually. And when they are recieving the energy of what used to be a man, they do not get the same fulfillment as a woman who lovingly cares for her own children. Women like this, and in the modern day this is most women unfortunately, try to fill this emptiness with more drugs, sex, pets and hobbies when it is a hole that cannot be filled by anything but a marriage to a strong, masculine husband and the raising of children, the building of a family.

Feminism is a cancer. Liberalism in general is the idea that we should free ourselves from society and pursue individualism. We are currently living in a society that socializes people into being fierce independent capitalists, empowered little worker bees, the most chipper slave on the plantation not realizing that our efforts are ultimately meaningless.

What good is money if you have no children to pass it on to. Answer that, capitalist pigs. The only solution of course is to avoid being reliant on the ironic “independence” social structure. Stop feeling shame for relying on other people in your community and being dependent on other people. Being yourself doesn’t mean you stop needing everyone else, and a society built upon social rejectionism is not a society at all.

However I do think there is still a way back, a rotting board is still a board at the end of the day. Maybe it will get bad enough that the board needs to be replaced, but right now we just need to get rid of the (((tearmites))).

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