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Okay with a title like that it seems like I’m “buying into the cult” or whatever and I get that, but I need you to slow down and follow my line of argumentation rationally. The only option the far right has at winning in America is through Donald Trump. It was true in 2016, it stayed true when he was an incompetent president due to poor personal decisions, and it is still true now.

There is a number of groups I’m going to attack in this, but the biggest two are the wignats and the neocons, ultimately making the case for Trump to be the Republican nominee for president in 2024, and why we reactionaries must support him.

Donald Trump was the man who reignited the flame of confrontational politics in America. Many people don’t understand this, but looking at it objectively, without Trump we would not be considering an America First approach to trade and foreign policy. We would not be talking about illegal immigration or homosexuality. If not for Trump, the only socially conservative issue in the Republican party would be abortion, which I do not doubt would eventually fade into irrelevancy as the GOP were to become much like the Conservative Party in Canada or Britain.

The never-Trumpers from ’16 are the same people propping up DeSantis now. I don’t understand how people are falling for this.

It is so blatantly obvious that after Trump won in 2016, the Republican establishment suddenly embraced him as their leader. Not because they like him, but because they know the people like him. The GOP establishment was and still is vehemently anti-Trump, because Trump poses a genuine threat to the power structure shared by liberals and “conservatives” alike. Trump is not one of them. From the perspective of the Jewish elite, Trump is an individual actor who can and must be mitigated. They think he is just dumb enough to fall for their trickery, but not controlled enough to not be a tangible threat. That is why now that the midterms have ended, the same washed up Republicans are abandoning Trump, in favour of their own creation, Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis is probably the best thing to come from the Republican establishment, and he is a phenomenal governor in Florida. No Trump supporter, conservative, reactionary would deny this. But it is crucial that we do not forget that DeSantis would not be that if not for Trump. Transgender, abortion, gay, COVID lockdowns and immigration would not be in the discussion if not for Trump. DeSantis exists as a capitalization off of the Trump phenomenon, not as a foil against it, nor a continuation of it.

Leading up to the ’24 primaries you will hear a lot about DeSantis being “more effective” than Trump, you will hear about “Trumpism without Trump,” “Trump’s platform without the baggage,” and you will hear people distancing themselves from the America First model laid out by Trump, all while mimicing the style and platform without actually following through on policy.

It is literally not even true that DeSantis is an effective governor. He is the best governor in America, but that is only by comparison. His accomplishments seem impressive because he never reaches above where he believes he can reach. The reason Donald Trump seems to fail is that his aspirations were so grand that with the amount of pushback from even right wing media, his policy goals were simply not possible to attain within a four year period.

Taking a look at DeSantis’ notable accomplishments from an objective point of view, what even are they? He made it so public schools have to wait until kids are nine years old to teach them how the have gay sex. He made a toothless and failed attempt to regulate big tech. He shipped immigrants farther into the interior of America and then immediately stopped doing it the second he got criticized by the left for being racist. The only real positive change was in banning CRT, which is something literally every Republican is doing. DeSantis is an effective media figure more than an effective governor. He’s better than most, but that isn’t saying much.

Trump by comparison, despite all of his flaws has a much better track record. He created the strongest economy in the history of the world, he is single-handedly responsible for the overturning of Roe v. Wade, he is the only President in this century to not have started a war, he set the groundwork for the withdrawal from Afghanistan, he killed Soleimani, he negotiated peace deals with Israel and middle eastern countries that could only have been dreamed of prior to his Presidency, he built 500 miles of a slatted steel fence on the southern border, and in the last year in office he cut immigration by 90%. Donald Trump is by far the best President the United States has had at least since Nixon. Trump is far better than Reagan was, and infinitely better than both Bushes.

Much of the criciticisms of Trump that are not blatant fabrications by the Jewish media are still valid, especially his choices in personel and the shilling of the mRNA vaccines, but these are problems DeSantis also has, but worse.

The only reason DeSantis is even in the conversation is that the Jews want to keep their power, and Trump refuses to give up on America. Trump is a coward, but he’s not a robot.

With wignats, the argument is a bit more difficult to make, because they cannot understant pragmatism. They see a single Jewish person and become hysterical. Trump is our guy, he has been our guy. Edelson is dead and Trump and the Zionists had a falling out because Trump never was one of them to begin with. They allied with Trump to get peace deals, not because Trump is their puppet. It’s politics for the sake of politics. Same goes for Trump. Trump allied with the Jews to become president. Not because he genuinely believes in leftism. Trump has big enough of an ego that his Jewishness will ultimately not matter, he as an individual will not want to be controlled.

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