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Dr. Rima Azar and I are good friends and we agree on a lot, but her inherent neoliberalism she absorbed as an immigrant is showing right now.

The Conservative Party of Canada, the Zionists and the United States are only a few of the groups now calling for regime change in Iran. This means one thing and one thing only – another stupid, pointless war in the middle east. The Jews waited just up until Trump left office to get their precious religious war with another Islamic country. I genuinely believe that that is the main thing they hated about Trump. Trump was never pro-war.

For those who do not read Arabic, the signs of the demonstrators read as follows: “My hair and my body only belong to me” and “our bodies are ours“.

Azar is Lebanese, and moved to Canada to escape Islamist regimes and political corruption in the middle east, which are very real, but her identity as an immigrant and as an Arab make it only natural for her to be convinced by the ZOG-feminist propaganda on Iran, advocating against western interests. This is a compulsion natural in all immigrants – to fight for countries other than the one they immigrated to. This is one of the main reasons we cannot have high levels of immigration, and why we can’t allow non-citizens to vote.

We need to put our people first. Is it sad that women are being beaten in Iran? I don’t know. If it’s real, then yes but I honestly don’t believe it to be true. There is a part of me that will always say this is just war propaganda from the Israeli government and the deep state. That’s what the Iranians are saying anyways, and I tend to believe those who oppose globalism first over the globalists.

Anything positive I’ve said about Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative Party is now void. I will not vote for a war party. Neo-cons are not our friends. They are communists, they are globalists, they are slave to the Jew.

Pierre’s deputy leader (who is Jewish btw) Melissa Lantsman has now openly confirmed this to be the case – Pierre Poilievre is in favour of spending exorbitant amounts of money on a NATO war to topple a religious state to establish a “liberal democracy.” A project that has failed and cost millions of lives time after time.

During an MP panel discussion on CBC’s Power & Politics, host Vassy Kapelos asked Lantsman if her party supports calls for regime change.

“Yes, and if you can’t be unequivocal about a brutal religious dictatorship who kills their own people, then I’m not sure what we’re all discussing here,” Lantsman responded.

During his leadership campaign Poilievre said he would add the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to Canada’s terrorist organization list, if elected to government.

The Tories are openly saying that they want to declare the government of Iran to be a terrorist group at the behest of NATO, the UN, the US and the State of Israel. Any economic miracle they promise will not be worth it if they’re just going to indebt us further by sending us to die fighting our Muslim nationalist brothers overseas.

The propaganda is the same as it always was with Muslims – they hate women so we must kill them. Well I hate women too so I don’t see the problem with them at all. Jokes aside, having religious views on modesty and believing in traditional gender roles is not hatred or misogyny. Obviously. I’m not dying to make Persians into whores again.

Even if you believe in this “women’s rights” nonsense, you should take Max’s position:

Canada First, Canada Only. #PPCGANG4LIFE

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