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Ok, I’m pretty sure most people in the right wing, even outside of Canada have seen this guy.

There is a public school teacher in Ontario, a fully grown adult man, who wears enormous prosthetic tits to class every day where he teaches young children.

Canadians, as pointed out by Anglin, are very clearly not on board with the gay rape of children. And they’re Canadians, the most whipped pussy boys of the Globalist American Empire.

They were actually holding up a sign that read “FAGS OUT!”

Frankly, that’s a pretty hardcore message for the Canadians.

Family Guy moment be like:

The school is actually defending this guy too. This world is just so gay bro.

The world seems to keep getting sillier and goofier.

Even a year ago you’d think this was just some ridiculous meme made by boomer conservative trolls from the States. But no, it’s real. There is literally gay faggots in this country so gay and faggoty that they wear fake titties a mile wide to teach school children.

Canada is a clown country that has things so gross happen in it that it’s almost like it’s a fucking parody.

Especially our school system. I mean we have teachers claiming simple math equations are white supremacist.

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