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We Englishmen today join in mourning over our dearly beloved Empress, who passed away after decades on the throne of the greatest nation to ever exist, the greatest empire to ever persist within the great creation of our Lord God.

We Britons, from across the lands and seas, and across the great expanse of generations today think to our traditions, fly our flags at half mast, make the sign of the cross and speak to our Lord.

A Christian empire that once spanned the world, creating the dominant culture of the world.

We descendants of the great British nation, although at times need be reminded, will always hold their countrymen in their hearts.

We Britons remember our past, and look hopefully toward the future.

We have been given the divine right to dominate the globe.

Although we have at times betrayed our nation, and our God, our nation and God they remain still.

As God said to our people, we repeat unto the Lord:

Rule, Britannia, Britannia, rule the waves.

Britons, never, never, never shall be slaves.

For Elizabeth II, Queen of the British Commonwealth and Defender of the Faith, and her Successor King Charles III, we pray.

Looking into the future with hope, we Britons exclaim;

God Save the Queen.


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