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Canada and the Netherlands are the guinea pigs of globalism.

This country is a joke.

I wish that wasn’t true, but it is.

ArriveCAN, the app that is required when entering or reentering Canada, is not only tyrannical but non-functional.

The app targets people, blocking them from entering the country or forcing them to quarantine even when they meet the state’s arbitrary requirements.

The obvious take here is that the Canadian government is mobbed up with the Jews.

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The only other country where the WEF test-ground for digital ID and extreme government control is this wild is Holland. Canada and the Netherlands are the guinea pigs of globalism.

Digital currency, digital ID, all of it is planned, top down by the judeocapitalist class.

According to the government of Canada’s ArriveCan app, David Crouch should be at home, avoiding all contact, quarantining, to protect others from the COVID-19 there is absolutely no indication he has.

Crouch is quadruple vaccinated, has not tested positive for COVID-19 and is showing no symptoms. The border guard who waived him back into Canada last week said nothing about getting a COVID test, or quarantine, but when he got home he found an email and a notification in his ArriveCan app, telling him to stay home for two weeks.

Crouch lives in Ridgeway, Ont., a 15-minute drive from the Canada-U.S. border and like many living in border communities, he has American friends he visits regularly. He also picks up groceries on the other side of the border.

He said there was no hint of an issue at the border, so the email hit him like a ton of bricks.

“I checked my email and there’s an email from ArriveCan, saying you are quarantined. This is your second day of quarantine,” he said.

Use of the ArriveCan app is mandatory for international travellers entering Canada. It requires people arriving either by land or by air to fill out their vaccination status, information on where they are staying in Canada and to do a self-assessment for a potential quarantine.

Crouch said he has tried contacting the government through a variety of different hotlines, but no one has returned his call.

“It seems to be all one way. They can tell you things, they can send you things, but God forbid you ever tried to get hold of anybody.”

The globalists want digital ID and digital currency, and because of the fake issues of the day like COVID and the classic “climate change,” they are going to get it unless we get rid of them.

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