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Liberals literally just don’t know how things work because their brains were raped and liquified by the microwaves emitted by the screen people.

This is the realization you must be reaching at this point; liberal progressives do not understand the concept of causality. They do not accept that things can, and often do lead to other things.

The whole “thanks Obama” meme came from this basic lack of understanding of basic concepts. Liberals literally just don’t know how things work because their brains were raped and liquified by the microwaves emitted by the screen people. They listened to every word every teacher, newscaster, parent and professor has ever told them, and thus simply regurgitate their inane blabbering.

They would say that is completely ridiculous to blame the President for high prices, and mockingly say “thanks, Obama,” as if Obama didn’t literally shut down oil production and raise taxes on fossil fuels.

“When the President does things with the direct intention of increasing the price of gas, it is stupid of you to blame the President for those high prices.” The whole point of a carbon tax, and the shutting down of pipelines is to increase prices so people stop using gas for “muh climate change” (not even real).

Every single time a politician that believes in magical economic centralization takes power, prices go up and wages become stagnant. Time after time. The GDP and national debt are completely irrelevant here.

Yes, Trudeau is responsible for high gas prices.

So let me explain something for the brain-melt shitlibs if they wind up reading this: supply and demand is not a theory, it is the fundamental law underlying all understandings of economics, including Marxian economics and its idiotic proposition of the LTV. Pricing of any product or service is determined by how much people are willing to pay for it. In other words – prices are set to accommodate human nature, along the lines of supply and demand. OR in baby speak, how much of something there is, and how badly people need it. If there is not very much of a thing, and everyone needs that thing, the price of that thing will go up because people will pay more for something they really need if it means they will get it and not someone else.

This applies to literally everything that can be bought and sold, including products, services, labour and currency. So, say a really stupid man is to say, “we are not allowed to get more of this practically infinite resource out of the ground because I along with my Jewish handlers and politician friends made something up about greenhouse gasses,” and people still need to use that resource to say, get to work, do their work, transport goods, then what’s naturally going to happen? The price of that resource will go up. And it will go up specifically because of what that stupid man with giant guns did.

The price of gas is added to in several areas. The product itself is imported from foreign nations like Russia and Saudi Arabia, meaning there is the price for transportation, which includes fuel, the boat, wages, etc. Then additionally, there is both federal and provincial taxes on it. And then on top of that, there is inflation, meaning the currency itself is losing value, and of course there is the war in Ukraine and all of the sanctions on Russia making it more difficult to get Russian oil, therefore driving up prices as well.

If we got rid of the carbon tax and just used our own damn oil, it would give us cheap, practically unlimited access to better quality product. If we didn’t have leaders cancelling pipelines left and right, it would mean that we wouldn’t need to pay anywhere near the cost for transportation, and it would have a much lesser impact on the environment as well.

And considering the price of gas impacts the price of everything that needs to be transported with gas, simply making the decision politically to not hamper native fossil fuel production could massively improve the lives of every Canadian, and by a lot.

If liberals were consistent they would be saying high prices are a good thing, not “the government can’t control pricing, IDIOT!!!”

It’s not even that they’re stupid, they just don’t get it because their brains are full of pornography, video games and Marvel movies.

And yes, he’s to blame for the airports too.

This one is even easier to understand, it is so amusing that some people don’t get it. The article in National Observer on this exact topic literally debunks itself. Here is a segment of that:

…the numbers don’t lie: Canada’s airports are badly bogged down and backed up. But while it might be tempting to blame Ottawa, the real culprits here are broader trends in both airport staffing and resurgent COVID case counts.

After all, Air Canada cut its summer schedule by more than 9,000 flights, and Delta, Lufthansa, British Airways and several other airlines have also scrapped flights by the hundreds over the last few months.

Yes, our federal government seems to have been caught off-guard by the surge in travel and the failure of the airports it regulates to staff up appropriately, but the airlines are in the day-to-day business of getting people to their destination. If an airline is disproportionately bad at that — and the data clearly shows Air Canada is — that might be where the blame belongs.

I love how this article glosses over the fact that Air Canada is literally a government operated corporation, even if it is publicly traded.

All you need to do to debunk this article is ask one simple question. Why did the airlines cut their schedules? For staffing issues. Issues which they all have.

Airlines cut their schedules leaving people stranded, sometimes for days at a time in airports in cities they’re not comfortable with. This happened only in Canada. Because Trudeau is leaving up mask and vaccine restrictions in the air transit sector despite them being lifted in the rest of the entire economy. Supply and demand. People are getting back to their normal lives, and the airline workers were until recently banned from working for not getting the 14th booster of the Fauci Ouchie. The summer traffic, which has 2 years of buildup after COVID, was met by understaffed airports. Justin Trudeau caused this. He is the cause of this because his policies directly resulted in the airlines being understaffed by firing all unvaccinated airline workers. It is Trudeau’s fault.

Fuck Trudeau.

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