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Most of the children who died in the residential schools died of natural causes. The fact that people die sometimes does not mean there was ever any evidence of malevolence.

Tyler Russell from Canada First has officially given up on Canada, and for that I am not upset. His decision to leave this country is completely justified, and his analysis on the state of Canadian politics is, while although blackpilling, completely accurate. Canada has fallen, and America is next. Canada cannot be saved independently – nor can any other western country – without first defeating the globalists where they are primarily headquartered, the United States.

He also said on last night’s show that it is important for Americans to follow Canadian politics, because what happened here is going to be a guidebook to the judeo-bolshevik elite on how to defeat the United States as no two countries are as similar as Canada and America.

In Canada, even mild patriotism has become a social taboo, conservatism has been criminalized, Christianity is being persecuted, and white people are second class citizens. COVID-19 restrictions may have ended, but the infrastructure set into our legal system remains, especially restrictions on free expression.

On Canada day, for example, protesters filled the capital in protest of mask and vaccine mandates on public transit including planes and trains. Police swarmed the city of Ottawa like leeches around a wound. A wound in the control of the Jewish world order. The Canadian government in the last 2 years has become one of the most authoritarian governments on earth.

To even get in to the protest, the police performed extensive cavity searches, and pat downs, including on literal toddlers. I was there, I saw first hand the Ottawa police patting down children, and the long lines in front of metal detectors just to get on to parliament hill.

Those of us who support our nation, and fight for the freedom its constitution and founding in English common law promises, are now enemies of the state and the victims of extreme social ostracism. Even if most Canadians agree with us, we are bludgeoned into submission by an oppressive state, and a propagandizing Jewish media and financial system.

The social ostracism I speak of here is a new phenomenon. I’ve discussed this at length before, but now it is the primary directive of the state to direct vile racial and religious hatred towards ethnically British Canadians, and Catholics.

The government owned media blatantly lied about children’s bodies being found at Catholic residential schools for the Indian population, implying to the people that Canada itself is illegitimate and a genocidal state. The government of Canada is intentionally undermining its own existence – because the Canadian government is not run by Canadians, but by Jews.

2/3 of the House of Commons are members of the World Economic Forum, whose largest sponsor is the 10 trillion dollar corporation owned and operated by Jew Larry Fink, BlackRock. Of the members who are not members of the WEF, there is influence of the Power and Thompson corporations, both of which are also owned by Jews.

The media and government have lied about Canada committing genocide to justify anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-freedom policies.

They did not dig up a single body, but discovered disturbances with “ground penetrating radar.”

The first nation band leaders say they used ground penetrating radar. 

To be clear: nothing was “uncovered.” No “bodies” were found. There was no excavation, nothing was unearthed, nothing was removed, no identities were confirmed.

So anything you may have read saying these graves belong to children, including some specific claims about the ages of these children, is speculation at this point. 

Let me refer back to a National Post story that explains what ground penetrating radar actually does. They interviewed a professor of Anthropology who is also the director of the Institute of Prairie and Indigenous Archaeology. She said this of ground penetrating radar:

“It doesn’t actually see the bodies. It’s not like an X-ray.” 

“What it actually does is it looks for the shaft. When a grave is dug, there is a grave shaft dug and the body is placed in the grave, sometimes in a coffin, as in the Christian burial context. What the ground-penetrating radar can see is where that pit itself was dug, because the soil actually changes when you dig a grave. And occasionally, if it is a coffin, the radar can pick up the coffin sometimes as well.”

We’re talking about pretty rudimentary technology here, and a relatively imprecise process. The numbers are more or less a rough estimate.

Most of the children who died in the residential schools died of natural causes. People die. It’s sad. The fact that people die sometimes does not mean there was ever any evidence of malevolence.

In over 100 years of the Canadian Catholic Church operating what were effectively cultural reeducation camps, a total of 2000 people died, overwhelmingly of disease and other natural causes.

There is no evidence that the schools showed anything other than good will, the intention being to convert the Indians to mainstream English culture and to the Catholic church.

Since this news came out, there has been a near universal assumption in the media that these graves are evidence of Canada’s Holocaust, as if the children had been deliberately killed.

Genocide requires intent. It requires a concerted and systematic effort to conduct mass murder and eliminate an entire race of people.

Canada’s residential schools, however misguided, had the intent of educating children, assimilating them into the broader Canadian population, and ultimately lifting them out of poverty.

There was no genocide. There is no evidence of genocide. Not a shred. There is more evidence for the Holocaust, and that didn’t happen either. Claiming Canada committed genocide is like saying the earth is flat. It’s retarded.

Having a sense of identity as a Canadian, as an Englishman, is now socially inexcusable.

That is what “hate speech” is, it is a category of speech designed to make you hate your own people. You can’t celebrate Canada Day or wave the maple leaf or the red ensign anymore, because Canada is basically Nazi Germany. Patriotism is racism. We are expected to hate ourselves, our history and our people.

We need to get rid of the Jews that did this to our people.

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