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It never was about acceptance. It’s always been about sex. That’s what a gay is. A fucking creep.

There is a group operating out of Victoria that hosts a monthly “family-friendly” drag show in various cafés called Sashay Café. It was set to be held in a café called Caffe Fantastico this Saturday, but was cancelled after concerned parents called in with complaints and in some cases death threats.

I don’t think it needs to be said, but there is no such thing as a “family-friendly” drag show. Drag is inherently sexual. Drag is when men dress up like women and dance like strippers for gay men to get their rocks off. It should be illegal in and of itself, and it should be DOUBLE illegal when it includes children. Gays are gross and they all go to hell.

Unsurprisingly, the state-funded media of Canada is making the Cafe owners and pedophile faggot strip show organizers into the victims.

Café owner Ryan Taylor said staff received many hateful calls, but one call on Tuesday turned especially aggressive when the caller threatened to “shoot up the place and everyone in it.”

After that call, Sashay Café organizers decided to cancel the event and the incident was reported to Victoria police. 

Taylor said staff had been logging calls, which he said expressed homophobic sentiments and mischaracterized the event as “trying to groom children to be gay.”

Despite what the leftists say, drag is not simply a “dress-up game.”

It is a disgustingly perverse imitation of women, and exists solely for the sexual pleasure of degenerate homosexual men.

Bringing children to an event like this is the equivalent of bringing a child to a strip club, except worse because these are grown men that want to have sex with them.

The fact that children being at pride events is even discussed – or that pride events exist at all for that matter – should be deeply disturbing to everyone.

People need to consider what these people are actually doing. It never was about acceptance. It’s always been about sex. That’s what a gay is. A fucking creep. All gays are literally just creeps that want to fuck men in the asshole. And they want to promote it to children. Promote acceptance? Acceptance of what. Anal sex between men. That is gross and degenerate and should be illegal and punishable by death.

LGBT pride is nothing but the promotion of hypersexuality. It will inevitably lead to pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia.

All of the stuff about them being just like everyone else and just wanting to be accepted in normal society is just propaganda. Hypersexualism should not be permitted in normal society.

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