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When replacement theory is mainstream, you can’t do much more than advocate for censorship and gun control against those that believe in it.

After work yesterday I went to an outdoor supply store to buy a new pocket knife with a friend of mine. On this excursion, we met a homeless man, tripping off his ass sitting behind a bank. He was schizophrenically muttering to himself about needing to “get those niggers out of the country,” which definitely explained why he is homeless, sleeping next to a bank. It is plainly clear, that the racist white man is the primary target of discrimination, and cannot defend himself against social exile and government violence. People who learn the truth about replacement and aren’t careful enough about concealing their true power level will inevitably either end up in prison or as addicts on the streets. It truly does take a careful mind to not become a retarded boomer wignat screaming about niggers and Jews while living behind a TD Canada Trust.

Something I’ve been thinking about recently is gun control. I’ve always been against gun control in theory for the same reasons every conservative is against gun control, but I’ve never really thought about why except for the fact that I agree with conservatives on most things therefore they must be right on this also. But as my political views and the reasoning behind them matured, and I transitioned from being a more libertarian leaning conservative to being something approximating National Socialism, the way I perceive gun rights has shifted drastically.

Basically, my position on gun control is still the same – it’s bad. But the reason that I believe that has shifted. When I was 15 to around 18 when I was a Shapiroist I genuinely cannot say how I would be able to respond to criticisms of my position on guns, and would have basically said things like “gun control unfairly targets law abiding citizens,” and such.

My position on gun control is now much more traditional, and conventionally 2A, if that makes any sense. The citizens should have the right to keep and bear arms specifically as a point of leverage against the government, to ensure that the government is accountable for its actions. If the government were to hypothetically start confiscating food, putting soldiers in people’s houses, or drafting people into wars we should not be fighting, the people having firearms would force to government to reconsider how heavy a hand they would use. The 2nd Amendment is the primary reason globalism is taking so much longer to take root in America than in Canada, Australia and Europe. The right to own weapons exists specifically to stop the government from abusing the people, because whenever the government is about to do something, they are forced to consider that the citizens can at any time shoot right back.

That’s why they focus so much on the shooters that are far right, specifically. They want to make you scared of your fellow man, and are trying to get the people who actually oppose the regime’s actions to be disarmed. The far right is the only credible opposition to the US government and its vassal states in the rest of the western world. If it weren’t in America, where there is a constitutional right to own and carry any weapon, the government would not need to qualify gun control with “I believe in the 2A, but we should be using red flag laws to ensure neo-Nazis don’t have guns,” or whatever. Red flag laws literally mean you can report your neighbor for saying the n-word on twitter and the government will take his guns away. They can target only specific individuals with beliefs that actually counter the regime and then pretend to support gun ownership.

I think the mass shooting in Buffalo really exemplifies this. The guy was a wignat, and was in a discord server with a literal federal agent. The government very clearly wanted the shooting to happen. They wanted to drum up fears about the great replacement theory (the idea the Jews are trying to replace white people with immigrants), which is not a theory but blatantly observable fact, and reignite the flames of the fear of the equally dreaded and nonexistent “military style assault weapon.” When replacement is no longer a taboo topic and is once again part of mainstream right wing politics (thanks to Trump, the alt-right and later Nick Fuentes and the Groypers), they can no longer simply make those who understand it unemployable wretches, parasitizing the welfare system.

So, they drum up fears about replacement theory, because they’d rather replace us with immigrants than have us replace them. They promote red flag laws and “assault weapons” bans using mass shooting that they either did themselves or allowed to happen so that they can target the opposition in a much more subtle way. When replacement theory is mainstream, you can’t do much more than advocate for censorship and gun control against those that believe in it. Even the Jewish owned mainstream conservative media is talking about replacement now, but simply leaving out the uncomfortable fact that it is indeed a Jewish creation. Since the advent of Trump, Daily Wire, which is literally owned by a pro-immigration Zionist Jew has basically become fascist except for one thing, that thing being naming them. It has gotten to a point where the right wing can no longer pretend that replacement isn’t real and be successful, specifically due to Trumpism. Now the only thing they can do is name all of the bad people, pretend they’re against them, and just not mention the funny hat.

You must ascend beyond the blackpilling. They are panicking and using excessive actions because we are becoming more popular. Nick Fuentes’ optics, the subtlety of America First’s National Socialism in all but name is working and it is working well. The far right is becoming mainstream and short of literally rounding us up and killing us, there is nothing they can do to stop it.

So, keep your guns. Hold them close, protect yourself and your family from the government and the barbarian hordes that are soon to come. Things are going to seem bad for a while, but as is shown by history, victory requires a state of crisis. We will be the alternative when democracy falls. Communism has no chance of being that alternative, and even if it did, it would be better than what we have today. So don’t fret, we will win in the end because Jesus Christ, King of Kings is on our side.

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