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1694: The deceptively named, “Bank of England,” is
founded. It is deceptively named as it gives the
impression it is controlled by the Government of England
when in fact it is a private institution founded by Jews.
In his book, ‘The Breakdown of Money,” published in
1934, Christopher Hollis explains the formation of the
Bank of England, as follows,
“In 1694 the Government of William III (who
had come in from Holland with the Jews) was
in sore straits for money. A company of rich
men under the leadership of one William
Paterson offered to lend William £1,200,000 at
8 per cent on the condition that, ‘the Governor
and Company of the Bank of England,’ as they
called themselves, should have the right to issue
notes to the full extent of its capital. That is to
say, the Bank got the right to collect £1,200,000
in gold and silver and to turn it into £2,400,000
(that is, double it), lending £1,200,000, the gold
and silver to the Government, and using the other
£1,200,000, the banknotes, themselves.
Paterson was quite right about it that this
privilege which had been given to the Bank was a
privilege to make money… In practice
they did not keep a cash reserve of nearly two
or three hundred thousand pounds. By 1696
(ie. within two years) we find them circulating
£1,750,000 worth of notes against a cash
reserve of £36,000. That is with a, ‘backing,’ of
only about 2 percent of what they issued and
drew interest on.”
The names of the Jewish controllers of the Bank of
England are never revealed, but it is clear, as early as
this year, through their control of the Bank of England,
Jews had control over the British Royal family.
However, whilst their identity is protected, they may
have wished they picked a more discreet front man,
after William Paterson states,
“The Bank hath benefit of interest on all
monies which it creates out of nothing.”
The fact that Paterson chose to let the cat out of the bag
in this manner, may explain why he would go on to die
a poor man, outcast by his associates, or maybe this,
“shabbez goy,” (a non-Jew who chose to clandestinely
represent the interests of Jews), had merely outlived his
usefulness to the Jews behind the scenes.
1698: Following four years of the Bank of England, the
Jewish control of the British money supply had come
on in leaps and bounds. They had flooded the country
with so much money that the Government debt to the
Bank had grown from its’ initial £1,250,000, to £16,000,000, in only four years, an
increase of 1,280%.
Why do they do it? Simple, if the money in circulation in
a country is £5,000,000, and a central bank is set up and
prints another £15,000,000, stage one of the plan, and
sends that out into the economy through loans etc, then
this will naturally reduce the value of the initial
£5,000,000 that was in circulation before the bank was
formed. This is because the initial £5,000,000 that was
100% of the economy is now only 25% of the economy. It
will also give the bank control of 75% of the money in
circulation with the £15,000,000 they sent out into the
This causes inflation which is simply the reduction in
worth of money borne by the common person, due to the
economy being flooded with too much money, an economy
which the Central Bank are responsible for. As the
common person’s money is worth less, he has to go to the
bank to get a loan to help run his business etc, and when the
Central Bank are satisfied there are enough people with
debt out there, the bank will tighten the supply of money
by not offering loans. This is stage two of the plan.
Stage three, is sitting back and waiting for the people in
debt to them to go bankrupt, allowing the bank to then
seize from them real wealth, businesses and property etc,
for pennies on the pound. Inflation never affects a central
bank, in fact they are the only group who can benefit
from it, as if they are ever short of money they can simply
print more.

I’ve tried to disprove anything I can from this book, because it discusses the Illuminati, freemasons, etc. It’s all real. They even admit it on Wikipedia. You need to read this book.

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