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The Freedom Convoy was real – this isn’t.

Time and place. This is obviously a honeypot. Use your head. The police will be there. Stay home. Boomer conservatives are just so fucking stupid. The retardation is based, in a way, but it allows for the feds to do stuff like this. This “Rolling Thunder” convoy is gay and cringe and will get people put in jail.

There is apparently a motorcycle convoy descending on Ottawa, just a few short months after the Freedom Convoy. The Freedom Convoy was real – this isn’t. Remember J6. Remember January 29th, 2021 when the media was fearmongering of another attack on the Capitol? Remember how that never happened? Exactly. It’s a government psy-op to get dissidents arrested. Do not go.

This is what the government is saying:

Speaking to reporters after a Liberal cabinet meeting in Ottawa on Tuesday, federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said the effects of the “Freedom Convoy” protests and blockades are “still very fresh” in the minds of the city’s residents, “where people’s lives were completely upended.”

He said that tools and resources are in place to prevent a similar situation from happening this weekend.

“We place our confidence in law enforcement to uphold the law, respect the right to lawful protest, but do not want to see anything in the form of an illegal occupation again here in Ottawa.”

Ottawa city councillor Catherine McKenney told CTV’s Your Morning on Wednesday there is a recognition that what happened last time with the “Freedom Convoy” was a “debacle” and “failure” by the federal government, city and police.

I’m not going to be very invested for a while, but this is important. Do not go to this.

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