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Effectively, the government will regulate the algorithms of social media in Canada, so even if Elon gets hold of Twitter, Canadians will be forced to use a tailored system devoted to promoting globalist propaganda.

I haven’t written about the Elon Musk buying twitter thing, because I figured everyone already knew about it, but now I have something I need to add to the conversation, here’s a summary.

Super-capitalist Elon Musk purchased 9.2% of Twitter’s shares, becoming its largest shareholder with the overt intention of fundamentally transforming Twitter into a free speech platform. Twitter then offered Elon Musk a seat on the board of directors, their intention being to stifle his efforts. Elon then out of nowhere, overvaluing the company offered to purchase the entirety of Twitter and shift it away from being a publicly traded company through a “hostile takeover.” Twitter then initiated a “poison-pill” strategy, creating new shares out of thin air to keep Elon out. This won’t matter long term, because creating these extra shares only makes existing shares less valuable, so now all he has to do is wait for Twitter to accept his offer. Elon Musk will inevitably buy Twitter. Whether that means it becomes truly free speech is still up for debate, but as Andrew Anglin pointed out in the Daily Stormer, things are indeed looking up.

Now – if Elon really is woke on the Jewish question (as someone at his level of wealth must be), is he powerful enough to speak up about it?

Everyone knows who the shadowy group behind the banning is.

It’s difficult for the Jews to come out and say “you’re attacking us when you speak of a shadowy group of censors trying to control what people think by organizing a system that crushes any company that refuses to go along with the censorship agenda.”

It has become clear to me that Elon Musk is what Donald Trump should have been, except Elon’s capital can go much farther than Trump’s. This has been causing panic in the media, and from the left. The left is worried that Elon Musk is just going to make Twitter an echo chamber for pro-corporate ideologues. The absolute fucking irony of that. That’s literally what it is now. The left is not authentically anti-corporation, and neither are corporations anti-left. The left has been hijacked by super-capitalists and judeo-masonic globalists. That’s why the left is so anti free speech now. When conservatives held most power structures, their ideology, although morally reprehensible did in fact accurately describe the world. Now, however, judeo-bolshevik ethnonationalists (Zionists) hold the entire sociopolitical establishment by the cock. The left holds power and yet depends on an ideology based on tearing down power structures. So they rely on censorship and oppression to keep control because of the obvious contradictions in their belief system.


So, by all accounts, when the Jews panic and censor everything, something good is bound to happen.

Now Canada on the other hand, is a different story. The United States will be the last bastion of European Christendom for one reason, that being its constitution. I get that they constantly ignore it and appoint justices to SCOTUS that can’t read plain English so that they can say the constitution says whatever they want it to say, but in America there is at least some semblance of a struggle between the constitutional order and pure Jewish serfdom. In Canada, we have a similar constitution, except included within our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is the Notwithstanding Clause, which basically lets parliament violate the Charter whenever they want. So even if the upcoming bills C-11 (redrafted from C-10) and C-36 get declared unconstitutional in our courts, parliament can just ignore it with the Notwithstanding Clause. Although it has only ever been used by provincial and territorial governments, it always exists, and can destroy our entire political order in the snap of a finger.

The Liberals are continually attempting to regulate the internet, implementing a sort of “soft” censorship by putting online content (including social media) under the jurisdiction of the CRTC, therefore mandating a percentage of a users’ feed be manufactured to include “Canadian content,” all of which will be pre-approved by the state. Effectively, the government will regulate the algorithms of social media in Canada, so even if Elon gets hold of Twitter, Canadians will be forced to use a tailored system devoted to promoting globalist propaganda. C-36, which is worse, literally fines people for hate speech. So yeah, Canada doesn’t get any positive outcome from this (without using a United States VPN).

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