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So for a nominally conservative outlet to openly defend globalism, well. That’s just typical, isn’t it.

Tom Blackwell from the National Post spat out an incoherent article this morning blaming Russian troll farms and anti-vaxxers for pushback against the mainstream narrative on Ukraine. His article however does not cite a single instance of this happening, but instead quotes a liberal “expert” on the subject of disinformation. Note – The National Post is a nominally conservative news outlet.

He then goes on to quote the head of a liberal NGO called DisinfoWatch:

“The government has been very, very reluctant to attribute these messages to any state actor,” said Marcus Kolga, head of the group DisinfoWatch. “I guess it took a war to find the courage to speak out publicly and identify the Russian government.”

“The threat … is not going away any time soon It is persistent, it is growing, so we really need to be taking it a little more seriously.”

DisinfoWatch is a group that actively partners with the United States government, and Blackwell cites him without a shred of irony. “State media is bad when they do it.” Following are a list of “research partners” that DisinfoWatch openly associates with.

  • United States Department of State Global Engagement Center (Washington D.C.)
  • Journalists For Human Rights (Toronto)
  • NATO StratCom Center Of Excellence (Riga)
  • Center for European Policy Analysis (Washington D.C.)
  • European Values (Prague)
  • Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies at Concordia University (Montreal)
  • Henry Jackson Society (London)
  • Stockholm Freeworld Forum (Stockholm)
  • EU Eastern Stratcom/EUvsDisinformation (Brussels)
  • Vilnius Institute (Vilnius)

So for a nominally conservative outlet to openly defend globalism, well. That’s just typical, isn’t it. Neocons literally just want to profit off war and seek world domination.

They don’t care if you don’t want to die for pride parades in Kiev.

This guy goes on to say that because Russians are using troll farms to spread pro-Russian propaganda, we need to censor the internet. Without a single shred of irony.

These fucking people bro.

Freedom Convoy? That wasn’t a completely organic Canadian movement against tyranny, that was fueled by Russian disinformation! Putin is bad guy! We is good guy!

Beep boop CIA robot zrrrrrt.

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