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Oh, and don’t worry, this pedophilic rape cult is NOT, I repeat NOT racist, if that was something you were concerned about.

Ok, groomer. That’s what conservatives have been saying to libs now, epically. Libs = owned.

If you can’t pick it up, I’m being sarcastic.

It’s been years since a conservative politician or media organization has been this hard on the left. We’ve simply been ignoring the indoctrination in public schools for years. It’s been the case that gay sex was taught in schools for over a decade and only now conservatives care, and they’re only putting forth toothless bills.

“Own the libs” conservatism and “it’s fine as long I don’t have to pay for it” conservatism have been our undoing.

We need to remember this: it’s an election year. Democrats are unpopular, and republicans know that. They are weaponizing the inherent opposition within all men to pedophilia as a bludgeon, but as soon as they take power they’ll switch gears to foreign aid to Israel and tax cuts, once again.

The left has never been more openly pro-pedophilia as they are now, and it’s broadly speaking a good thing that conservatives are noticing, but I don’t have much faith it’s going to go anywhere. We need to push this stuff hard before it’s too late.

Here’s something – a theater group has created something called “The Family Sex Show.” I hate the anti-christ.

I highly recommend you look through this whole article (linked at the end), but here is a snippet from the Post Millennial if you don’t have the time:

The Family Sex Show’s intention is talking about sexually explicit topics to young people.

“We hope that the show kind of adds to the more creative or alternative relationships and sex education that is out there at the moment in all different forms and I guess we really wanted to make the show that we wish that we’d had when we were younger and also part of our adult selves felt like, or feels like, they need now as well, and mostly, if we know our bodies then we know our rights,” she says.

The programming and engagement manager for Tobacco Factory Theatres says the show about sex is for adults but also “children aged 5 and up.”

“It offers an honest, human, sex education that is feminist, queer, non-binary, inclusive and sex positive,” she says in the advertising video.

Oh, and don’t worry, this pedophilic rape cult is NOT, I repeat NOT racist, if that was something you were concerned about.

According to the FAQ page, The Family Sex Show has “anti-racist” elements worked into their theater performance. They cite the basis of their research that goes into it as coming from the UK’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. “We are hoping the show offers an alternative to porn.”

The page also says it’s a “reimagining” of the sort of sex education curriculum that young people would expect from their schools. The organization believes hosting their show in schools would’ve constricted the type of displays they had in mind.

The Family Sex Show has further materials that they pass out to parents and children at these shows to further spread the group’s interpretation of these topics.

The FAQ makes it clear that people get naked: “At one point in the show, everyone on stage takes their clothes off to the level they feel comfortable to. For some people, that’s taking off all of their clothes and being completely naked.”

We need to be inclusive to all pedophiles, especially those that are trans and non-binary, as well as BIPOCs!

These people need to be fucking shot.

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