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The United States feels threatened by a resurgence in Russian influence, and is depicting them as evil because of it.

Atrocity propaganda. It’s no different that the gas attacks by Assad, or the WMDs in Iraq. It’s war propaganda intended to make out political adversaries seem like Marvel supervillains.

The Russians weren’t even in Bucha when the massacre was “discovered.” They literally left a day earlier.

Remember, during World War 1, the media would blatantly lie about Germans bayonetting babies. There were posters of them depicted as vicious gorillas. All of that was fake.

The allies started WW1, and everyone knows it. Serbia is responsible for the killing of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke, and the global Zionists took full advantage of it.

WW1 was purely political. There was no hero-villain dynamic. Britain, France and Russia wanted to stop the creation of a competing power in Germany. The governments of the major powers of the day felt threatened by a rising Germany and through their monopolistic control of the media and culture created fake propaganda about German brutality.

Most wars are like this. The narratives given by governments are usually false, and most countries just want to exert their influence. They just need a way of making their enemy into the bad guy.

This massacre in Bucha is fake. It’s war propaganda. The United States feels threatened by a resurgence in Russian influence, and is depicting them as evil because of it.

This is very reminiscent of the holocaust.

We’re supposed to believe that then, on April 2, they noticed all of these bodies in the street, which had been lying there for 3 days.

The New York Times, through satellite images, is claiming they may have been lying there for two – or three! – weeks…

…But here’s something you can prove: a Ukie politician, Lesia Vasylenko, one of these women with perfect English (and French), is claiming that the dead mutilated woman with the swastika carved into her – which Patrick Lancaster filmed in one of the schools that Azov was using in a base in Mariupol – was a victim of the Russians!

So, there you have it: this is proof positive, undeniable, that the Ukrainian government is taking known atrocities committed by their own people – against their own people! – and blaming them on Russia. Then the American media is reporting this as if it was fact, despite the fact that they know it’s a hoax.

So why would anyone believe Bucha – another situation where the only thing you have is claims by the Jewish Ukrainian government backed up by the Jewish media?

We know for a fact that the Ukrainians have killed more Ukrainian civilians than the Russians. They are opening fire on fleeing civilians, they are bombing their own buildings full of civilians.

There are real atrocities here. But they were not committed by Russia.

You’d think the country that is literally using human shields and having unironic neo-Nazis attack their own citizens would be self-evidently the villain here.

But no, the neo-Nazis aren’t the ones branding swastikas into women’s bodies, it’s the people fighting against them. Of course.

None of this makes any sense.

If Putin just wanted to kill Ukrainians, there would no longer be a Ukraine. Ukraine is not capable of defeating Russia. Russia is not trying to take over Ukraine, they’re trying to prevent them from joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

It is clear to me that the media just wants to convince people to support a military intervention in Russia, and World War 3. I am genuinely concerned that people don’t seem to realize that supervillains don’t actually exist in real life.

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