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The fact that Dr. Azar was ever targeted should be a concern to anyone at a University in this country.

A personal friend of mine and a fellow traveler in the war against political censorship for the preservation of free speech, Dr. Rima Azar of Mount Allison University is coming near her final arbitration process between her union and the school.

Dr. Azar, or as she is known on her blog as “Bambi,” is an Associate Professor of Health Psychology at Mount Allison University. She made national news over a year ago now when a group of ideologue students at the University took screenshots from her blog and send them to the University administration with the sole purpose of getting her fired.

While this following excerpt has some woke pandering on the part of the National Post, there is still some value to it:

When Azar eventually immigrated to Canada, she developed expertise in helping parents who face complex child-care needs, and has gone on to found or supervise numerous acclaimed support programs in New Brunswick. In her personal life, Azar is a foster parent, a polyglot (Arabic is her mother tongue), and a blogger who writes passionately about classical liberal values and Lebanon’s ongoing challenges. She’s also a proud Canadian — writing that the Maple Leaf “means the world to me,” even while still being “moved” by the sight of a Lebanese flag. If you know of a more intersectional Canadian, I’d like to meet them.

I find Azar’s intersectional perspective particularly valuable because the country she grew up in has long been afflicted by violent clashes between the various groups whose rights are rigidly prescribed under the country’s identity-based political system — including Shiite and Sunni Muslims, Maronites, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Palestinians, and newer refugees from Syria. Many of these people linger in camps, prisoners of their ethnic origins. Azar also has witnessed the effects of Israel’s invasion of the country in the 1980s, not to mention the rise of Hezbollah, and so understands the deadly risks associated with identity politics. Surely, Mount Allison University’s stewards know how fortunate they are to have such a woman to guide their evolving intersectional conversation about racism, right?

Azar is no shrinking violet. When a local activist named Husoni Raymond opined that New Brunswick is “systemically racist,” Azar applied her comparative understanding of Lebanon and Canada to argue that, in relative terms, her adopted home isn’t racist at all, but is rather “a young country” that “wants to save the world.” (As evidence, she pointed to the fact that Raymond himself had been lavishly honoured for his anti-racism work, which is hardly consistent with white supremacism.) In a similar vein, she has argued down activists who claim Canada is a “patriarchy” afflicted by rape culture. If you want to see “real rape culture,” she’s noted archly, take a look at “ISIS practices in Syria.” Azar also has called Black Lives Matter a “radical” movement, which is an unfashionable thing to say, but isn’t remotely inaccurate given BLM’s stated goals of creating a “global liberation movement” that will “dismantle capitalism,” abolish prisons, and erase national borders.

While these are simple, boiler-plate classical liberal (neoconservative) talking points, the fact that Dr. Azar was ever targeted should be a concern to anyone at a University in this country. As many of you know, a very similar thing happened to me, but Bambi’s opinions are far less right wing than mine.

A student at the University said this to the campus radio station:

“I went up after one of the lectures to just introduce myself,”

“To put a face to a name that you’d be hearing. I mentioned that I was Two-Spirit, and I would prefer her using they/them pronouns when addressing me.”

“Her response, straight to my face was, ‘No, I don’t believe in other identities,’”

The University has lost all credibility as an institution worldwide. The fact that a peon can walk up to someone who has a PhD in psychology and demand they use fake pronouns to indulge their ridiculous delusions is just truly saddening. The people in the article from the student news network regularly contradict themselves and say that “noone is calling for censorship,” while at the same time arguing that she should be fired for not being a leftist.

Dr. Azar has filed a complaint with the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission, but from my experience with provincial government, that will not go anywhere.

I wish all the best to her in this process, because I went through a very similar process and it was hell.

To those of you who have been following me for a while, my university’s administration put me through a review process simply for my public support of US President Donald Trump for re-election, and then my denial of the outcome and belief in voter fraud. A group of unrelated students sent a compilation of my TikTok videos to the university, and apparently being a moderate conservative (which I was at the time) was far too disturbing to be left ignored.

Ironically, if I were to post the views I have now on TikTok publicly with my name attached I would definitely be expelled within an instant.

My university unwittingly created a beast that cannot be contained or controlled, and radicalized me more than the so-called “alt-right pipeline” ever did.

To conclude, please consider donating to Bambi’s GoFundMe to help her deal with this, and to sue the pants off of Mount Allison University for brazen violations of fundamental human rights.

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