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There is no real right wing principle behind his beady neocon eyes.

Cost of living is the biggest concern to voters across Canada, progressive and left wing candidates taking a dive in popularity. The prices of oil in this country have gotten out of control, and Conservative Party Leadership Candidate (and presumptive winner) Pierre Poilievre is capitalizing on that fact.

As gas prices have been rising in this country, Justin Trudeau is adding to that problem by increasing the tax rate on carbon emissions by 25%. Poilievre held a rally last night in Ottawa in opposition to this tax increase.

“The thing I like the most about Pierre is that he is a man of integrity. He says the same things in English as he says in French. He says the same things in Eastern Canada as he says in Western Canada,”

Former Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer

O’Toole’s platform in the last election included a carbon tax, intentionally ignoring the base’s opposition to it. Erin O’Toole was extremely unpopular among conservatives, and now prospective leaders are weaponizing that unpopularity to rebuild Canada’s right wing coalition. This is largely working, despite the fact that the Conservatives have yet to reintroduce social conservatism into their platform.

An overwhelming number of Conservative voters want the party to be socially conservative.

Poilievre is running on a fiscal policy exclusive platform at the time being, with a nominal opposition to COVID restrictions. There is no real right wing principle behind his beady neocon eyes.

Weeks after the end of the trucker convoy that paralyzed Ottawa, Poilievre is aiming to channel the anger and frustration felt by Canadians into signing up new memberships that he hopes will make him the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

To the supporters in the room, he promised to do “exactly the opposite” of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and look upon “every Canadian with a spirit of freedom and equality, regardless of race, sexuality, gender, vaccination status or any other characteristic”.

“No more divide and conquer. Instead, unite for freedom!”

Poilievre is claiming to be the “freedom” candidate, and says he wants to make Canada the “freest country on earth.” This is in light of the fact that he actively supported COVID restrictions up until the trucker convoy.

I am concerned that these cost of living issues will allow voters to be duped into supporting globalism again.

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