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Poilievre has his problems, obviously, but you can clearly see now that the Conservatives want our votes really bad.

Pierre Poilievre, the effective thought leader of the Canadian right wing has been spamming all of his social media with content about how he ordered his shawarma from a local immigrant business using Bitcoin.

This comes after Ontario First MPP Randy Hillier turned himself into the Ottawa Police over trumped up charges relating to the trucker convoy.

Fundamentally, the purchasing of shawarma with bitcoin is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, and the ideal way to buy shawarma. Shawarma is delicious and I will not apologize for contributing to replacement by eating it. It’s just that good. And Poilievre promoting Bitcoin in my opinion is a generally positive thing for this country.

Poilievre has an issue with couching policies I actually like in rhetoric I hate. He’s vowed to stop importing foreign oil and increase Canadian oil production by finishing the pipelines, for example, but the language he uses makes me cry.

“Buying overseas oil from polluting dictatorships is terrible for our environment. It exports our jobs, our money and our pollution to countries with poor ecological standards,” Poilievre said during a campaign tour in Saint John, N.B.

“Instead, let us bring home the jobs, money and business to the most environmentally responsible energy sector in the world here in Canada,” the Conservative MP added.

Though the vast majority of Canadian crude oil imports are from the United States, almost a quarter  (126,000 barrels per day in 2020) originate from overseas countries, according to the Canada Energy Regulator (CER).

The Conservative party is actually trying to mobilize the base again, and I think that’s broadly speaking a good thing. Poilievre has his problems, obviously, but you can clearly see now that the Conservatives want our votes really bad. Two thirds of regular Conservative party voters identify as social conservatives, and yet the Party does not have a single conservative position on any issue.

I support Poilievre’s Canada First perspective on oil imports, but there are far bigger issues, in the vain of immigration and abortion, both of which need to disappear.

Pierre’s comment sections on every social media are basically “what about WEF,” or “you’re a Jewish puppet,” so the focus on Bitcoin and “the bankers,” is from my perspective a way of mediating that, but I also worry. I worry it’ll be more about the shawarma than the Bitcoin. Trumpism without Trump.

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