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Russia Wins.


Mar 28, 2022

It is clear to me that this war between Russia and the West over Ukraine is coming to a swift end.

The inevitable conclusion of a month long war, one that was extremely one sided and smeared with western propaganda is nearing. Zelensky is trying to cobble together some sort of peace agreement with Russia, saying he is willing to surrender the Donbass, allowing the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics to seek independence.

To be clear, Ukraine hasn’t surrendered, and they’re nowhere close to meeting Putin’s terms – th0se being the surrender of both Crimea and the Donbass, and a signed agreement to permanent neutrality. Jewlensky is trying to meet one of these terms, so that he can maybe get away with the other two being left alone. This is not going to happen.

Putin is not going to allow the Ukrainian government to join NATO. Permanent neutrality and total surrender, or World War 3. These are the terms.

This is something I have only seen from the New York Post and the Daily Stormer, so the accuracy is still in question but even so, it is clear to me that this war between Russia and the West over Ukraine is coming to a swift end.

The next round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine starts Tuesday in Istanbul, Turkey, a Turkish official told CNN. Previous negotiations have yielded little result, but reports say Turkish President Recep Erdogan has urged Putin to enact a ceasefire.

The war’s toll on Ukraine’s infrastructure is now at least $63 billion, the Ukrainian Parliament said. Damaged so far are 4,431 residential buildings, 138 healthcare facilities, eight civilian airports and 378 education institutions.

Zelensky signed a law that would send journalists to prison for three to eight years for reporting on the movements of Ukraine’s army that have not been approved or made public by the government.

Russia’s national interests are actually of interest to its government, something the west would know nothing about. Putin is seeking to promote the interests of the Russian people, and prevent a Third World War by keeping NATO, a military alliance that solely exists to destroy Russia, off of its borders.

It doesn’t matter to me that Putin is “a dictator,” or whatever. He is a fantastic leader that cares about his nation, and he has the right to defend his own government and his own people.

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