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I am amazed that noone cares about this.


This is not okay, man.

In defense of democracy, let’s put democratically elected MPPs in jail.

“In February, Ottawa Police received multiple complaints about social media posts and other activities of an individual as part of the ongoing illegal protests,” police said in a news release.

An investigation was commenced and information gathered by a police task force initiated to investigate criminal behaviour during the protest. That task force continues its work.”

CTV reporter Glen McGregor posted footage of Hillier at police headquarters, tweeting “Ontario MPP Randy Hillier surrendered to Ottawa Police this morning. Says he expects to face nine counts of charges related to the protests last month, including mischief and obstructing.”

Ottawa officers had previously told the Star they were looking into Hillier’s controversial Twitter posts, in which he encouraged “Freedom Convoy” supporters to “keep calling” emergency phone lines near the end of the three-week protest as police were clearing out the area around Parliament Hill.

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