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Okay, so CTV has been promoting fake news. I guess that’s typical.

They came out with a misleading poll from Nanos, claiming that Canadians want the Conservative Party to be left wing.

The only perspective we should be focusing on is the actual people who identify as conservatives, about a third of the country, not including the 5-6% that support the PPC. This poll specifically says that 19% of Canadians want a socially conservative CPC, 13% wanting it to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. 34% of the poll results want the conservative party to be conservative. That’s the exact percentage of the population that voted for the party in the last election.

The 29% of the population this poll refers to- are moderate liberals.

That’s not to mention that Nanos selectively polls liberals to suppress right wing voters.

The media loves to do this. They write a headline that is intentionally misleading, hoping to God people don’t actually read or watch their content. They just want to demoralize you.

Now here, the CTV is even going after Pierre Poilievre, promoting Patrick Brown even though they are the ones responsible for falsely accusing him of rape.

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