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These absolute buffoons are making the argument that there’s such a thing as a “less severe” child pornography charge.

We fight dirty now. That’s how it’s gotta be. They’ve relentlessly attacked every one of the Republicans” SCOTUS nominees. They accused Kavanaugh of being a gang rapist, and they accused Barret of being racist for adopting black children.

The issue is, of course that the accusations against the right are completely false, and the accusation being brought against Ketanji Brown Jackson are at least slightly true.

Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Professor Douglas A. Berman argued in a post on his blog “Sentencing Law and Policy” that “any review of Judge Jackson’s CP [child pornography] sentencings must include proper context regarding the federal sentencing guidelines for CP which are widely recognized as dysfunctional and unduly severe.”

Berman went on to cite a recent U.S. Sentencing Commission report that explains that the child pornography sentencing guideline fails “to distinguish adequately between more and less severe offenders,” and that “most courts believe [the guideline] is generally too severe and does not appropriately measure offender culpability in the typical non-production child pornography case.”

These absolute buffoons are making the argument that there’s such a thing as a “less severe” child pornography charge. As if it’s not obviously evil to jack it to kids. Ketanji Brown Jackson believes that people that jack it to kids are getting “unfairly harsh sentences” when they should all be shot in the fucking head.

Berman’s post was in response to a Twitter thread from Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., who highlighted Jackson’s record as a member of the U.S. Sentencing Commission and argued that she has a history of “letting child porn offenders off the hook.”

This is a part of a broader trend to allowing child predators to become a victim group. “Minor attracted persons.”

“In the case of United States v. Hawkins, the sex offender had multiple images of child porn,” Hawley tweeted. “He was over 18. The Sentencing Guidelines called for a sentence of up to 10 years. Judge Jackson sentenced the perpetrator to only 3 months in prison. Three months.”

This bitch has been defending child rapists and fighting child pornography charges for 25 years. She should be in jail, not interpreting the law.

Leftists and the media have been making Obunga Boonga over here, the jungle freak that rapes kids and defends child pornography into a victim. MSNBC is literally saying that conservatives are trying to kill her. IF ONLY! She damn well deserves to be killed because how much harm she has done to the children of America.

Mystal argued on MSNBC’s “Cross Connection” on Saturday that Hawley’s attempt to highlights Jackson’s questionable rulings toward sex offenders was just a ploy to get her “killed.”

“[S]he is going to be confirmed, and she is going to be well-liked while she’s confirmed,” Mystal said. “So them going to the mattresses against her is kind of a waste of their time. But I don’t want to let the Josh Hawley thing lie, because here’s, you know, like — here’s where I need the Democrats to step up — because when they try to smear her, I need the Democrats to get up there and defend her just as vociferously as Lindsey Graham defended alleged attempted rapist Brett Kavanaugh.”

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