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If NATO wasn’t talking about Ukraine becoming a member-state, this whole war would have never happened, and most likely Russia would have never even invaded Crimea.

The media reports of Zelensky visiting hospitals in Kiev have been basically proven false. I’m not going to say I’m surprised, but you’d think they’d be more careful about something like this.

I’m not going to say this is 100% definitive, but it gives at least a little credence to this theory. The type of wall outlet used in this picture resembles those used in Poland and Israel. It is not that crazy to assume the Jewish leader of a NATO puppet government has fled to another allied country.

The screw explanation is plausible, but it to me it sounds like a stretch.

I’ve said from the beginning of this war hoax: there is zero reason he would stay in Kiev, because the media is going to say he’s in Kiev regardless, and no one is pressing him for any real proof.

What benefit would there be for him in staying in Kiev?

I don’t think that the Russians are going to do some Nuremberg thing against him if they capture him, and will probably just let him board a flight and leave after interviewing him.

At the same time, there is a history of citizens who are on the losing end of a war lynching their leader in the final days. With all of these armed gangs running around, it does seem likely that the Ukrainians would storm wherever he might be and lynch him for forcing them into this destructive war they never had any chance of winning.

To pretend that the west is a peaceful, democratic society is an outright lie. Ukraine and the west more broadly has been anti-democratic for decades, with the tyranny being privatized, corporations attacking people on behalf of the state rather than the state doing it outright.

Our media is just as if not more censorious than the media in the so-called authoritarian states. I bet most people have never seen things like the brutal whippings of pro-Russian civilians in Ukraine.

You have to tow the party line. This is reminiscent of the police horses running over old ladies during the trucker convoy and the media saying it was “defensive” or “justified.” You read a lot of this stuff going on in Ukraine and the media will say it’s just “Russian propaganda” even though you can see these videos, which are obviously not faked (unlike the pro-Ukraine propaganda).

The facts show the exact opposite of the media narrative. NATO did antagonize Russia, trying to goad them into a war so they can topple the Russian regime and replace it with a “democratic” puppet state.

They’re comparing Zelensky to Churchill, and while that’s an accurate comparison, it’s not a positive one. If Churchill just accepted Germany’s peace offers during WW2 there would have been no real war. Hitler never had any intention of invading Britain, and was antagonized into war with the west when the focus should have been entirely on Bolshevism.

Similarly, if NATO wasn’t talking about Ukraine becoming a member-state of NATO, this whole war would have never happened, and most likely Russia would have never even invaded Crimea. The US removed a democratically elected leader in Ukraine because he was too pro-Putin, and then played the victim when Russia retaliated to preserve their national interest.

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