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Russia and China are going to become the world’s new greater pole, commanding global influence. The age of American neo-liberalism has ended.

I’d like to talk about consequences. The United States has been the world’s sole superpower for the last 30 years, and that was an anomaly. The world is changing away from a unipolar model, and America is lashing out like a whiny little child.

The world’s third largest oil consumer, India, is considering buying Russian crude and other commodities at discounted prices using domestic currency. This comes as the US is encouraging countries to avoid trading with Russia amid the conflict in Ukraine.

“Russia is offering oil and other commodities at a heavy discount. We will be happy to take that. We have some issues like tanker insurance cover and oil blends to be resolved. Once we have that we will take the discount offer,” an Indian government official told Reuters.

Transactions will be carried out in India’s and Russia’s national currencies to evade the US dollar and related sanction policies. According to officials, work to set up a rupee-ruble trade mechanism is already underway.

What did the American government and media elite think was going to happen when the United States put heavy sanctions on Russia and its allies, banning oil imports and broadly removing them from the US dollar system? Did they expect that Russia would just stop existing, or stop fighting this noble war against the puppet government in Ukraine? Russia and China are going to become the world’s new greater pole, commanding global influence. The age of American neo-liberalism has ended.

…this is all geared towards putting China at the center of everything. China is the only one capable of providing a currency on par with the dollar, in terms of backing and therefore stability.

So now they’re talking about trading in local currencies, but eventually – probably pretty soon – they’re going to start trading in yuan. Probably, in the newly debuted Chinese digital yuan CBDC.

It’s possible that crypto will also be involved.

These are the stakes. The fears of a rising China are now being realized in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The United States does not have the economic infrastructure or military strength to combat both Russia and China, and the Americans seem to be foolishly pushing them together. This is a strategic alliance from the perspective of the East. This is leverage that the United States cannot use. These economic sanctions and the refusal to negotiate from Ukraine and its NATO backers are not going to have any effect other than crippling the economies of the west.

Gas prices are through the roof. The US government and NATO have no reason to be fighting Russia at all. Ukraine is not a part of NATO, and Russia has the right and the self-interest to keep it that way. What reasoning does the US government have to make westerner’s lives miserable? Well, they want a full out ground war in Europe to salvage their global hegemony. That is what is at stake here. That’s what the US wants. That’s why the Jews that run our media want so badly for everyone to support Ukraine.

Ironically, most of the oil trading issues would not exist if Joe Biden didn’t cancel the Keystone XL pipeline and would just buy Canadian oil.

Without the dollar as world reserve currency, I just can’t fathom how it is possible for the US government to remain solvent.

This entire game is based on exporting debt via the world reserve system. That has been enforced by the US military, but the US military isn’t going to invade Russia, China, and India all at the same time.

The hilarious thing is that before this, India was a pretty reliable ally for the US. That entire dynamic has been totally transformed, basically overnight.

The US is freaking out, trying to hold on to a global empire which no longer exists. The unipolar hegemony of the United States’ Jewish military tyranny across the world is truly threatened by this shift economically towards Russia and China.

Liberal internationalism cannot compete with traditional nationalism as an ideology. Russia and China live under systems that make sense and prioritize their people, while the United States and the West more broadly are governed by the economic interests of a decadent, Jewish elite that hates the citizenry they’re in charge of.

India has started a trend that cannot be reversed at this point, and the US is going to try everything it can anyways. At this point the US can only capitulate or declare an all out war on Russia, and in both cases, Russia wins. If Yuan is used as the international currency between nations, or better yet, cryptocurrencies or direct trade, the US no longer has global control.

Broadly speaking, this is a very good thing for the state of the world, because that means countless countries will be saved from economic catastrophe. Can’t get the support of liberalized America? Go with China or Russia! Global trade is going to become a lot freer, and many nations will no longer need to worry about the military intimidation of the United States.

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