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Pierre Poilievre wants to kill white people.

Canadians deserve those jobs Pierre. High demand doesn’t mean we can sell our people out to the third world and the Jews.

The Conservatives are not in any way conservative. Pierre Poilievre is a leftist that pretends to be a conservative for votes. Pierre wants to make it easier for immigrants to come into this country to fill the “high demand” jobs that were destroyed by policies that he supported until five minutes ago.

The Conservative Party has ZERO conservative members. If you think you can sell out your own people to get rid of Trudeau, be my guest. If you vote for Pierre Poilievre, you are a shill who hates your country. You are a race traitor. There is no excuse to vote for this guy. PPC is the only way. We need to hold people like this accountable.

Maxime Bernier was rigged out of Conservative leadership. Poilievre is an establishment shill. Stop pretending we’ve won. We lost. The CPC has become the GOP. We need a Donald Trump.

Pierre Poilievre has vowed to remove restrictions, fast-tracking immigration. That’s a vote for white replacement. Poilievre wants to kill white people.

The long-term goal is to eliminate white people through replacement, miscegenation and overt genocide and Pierre Poilievre is a communist puppet. His retard supporters buy every little thing he says, ignoring his actual platform.

This but the femoid is Pierre Poilievre and the contacts are the “conservative” propaganda networks

He supports every leftist position that the Conservatives have been losing because they support, but because he went hard on vaccine mandates the second the truckers made his glam Ottawa life slightly more difficult, the idiot base thinks he’s principled.

He’s a globalist. He supports abortion and mass migration. He’s scum.

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