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If you have to ban something from being said, that means there is at least some level of credibility to it.

I used to like DuckDuckGo, a search engine that didn’t downgrade results based on political biases. It’s the search engine I use, but recently they’ve started to downgrade “Russian disinformation.”

The Jewish head of DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg, has said that he’s going to begin manipulating search results to push pro-Ukraine Western propaganda.

The Jew goes even further than that, and says that actually, manipulating search results is compatible with DuckDuckGo’s purpose.

You’d think that we could just read what we want to read online, but no. Jewish DuckDuckGo needs to protect us poor ignorant goyim from Russian disinformation and propaganda. If it’s really that obviously misinformation you’d think the media could just prove it – and be convincing. But no, they have to ban it. If you have to ban something from being said, that means there is at least some level of credibility to it.

Facebook’s platforms have also recently changed their rules allowing for direct calls to violence against Russians.

The establishment just wants to kill people. That’s what they want, just like in WW2. They don’t want a “peaceful solution.” The Jews want World War 3 at all costs. These sanctions and bans on Russian products are reminiscent of the declaration of war by Judea against Germany in 1933, trying to goad the Germans into committing some sort of rage induced crime. Because of course, we need a bad guy. We need a reason to blame Putin for the entire world’s problems and the increase in oil prices are just because of Hitler 2: Ukrainian Holocaust.

“we’re just going to keep throwing these Ukrainians at you, while this Zelensky guy, who has yet to give any real proof he is even still in the country at all, continues telling the Ukrainians through his heavily censored media that they are going to win a war against Russia.”

There is no way they are going to somehow win the war. The only possible thing they can do is keep fighting and dying for no reason other stated reason than anal rights and joining NATO to help America’s global strategic objectives, only to eventually lose anyway.

If you’re on the side that is censoring dissent, you need to reevaluate yourself. If the disinformation were actually disinformation, they could just prove it wrong – but they can’t. The Russian media is telling the truth. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was a response to NATO aggression.

Antagonizing a prideful people and then calling yourself the victim when they respond to it. A tale as old as time itself. Such is the way of the Jew.

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