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The fact that Poilievre is now anti-mandate, yes, is proof that he just wants to get elected and suddenly realized that the base hates the party for its support of totalitarian vaccine tyranny.

The Post, and the media at large keep publishing articles promoting all of the prospective people running in this year’s Conservative Party leadership race. An article released early this morning in the National Post discussed Patrick Brown and how he was smeared by the media, and another one promoting Independent MPP Roman Baber. Earlier this week they did an article about how Erin O’Toole didn’t actually lose for the reasons that he lost, and the more right wing end of the party forced the loss.

The National Post needs to be dissolved completely. It makes no sense to promote these other candidates when it is so clear that Pierre Poilievre is going to be the next Tory leader and the next Prime Minister by extension. The Post is holding on to this “pragmatic” conservatism, defending the establishment of the party at all costs.

One of these articles talks about Patrick Brown, who conservative media keep promoting as a possible leadership candidate every election cycle. The Post is propping him up as a big possible candidate, when he was smeared by the media in 2018 and became politically radioactive as a result. CTV News created a fake story against then Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown because Kathleen Wynne was so unpopular that the Liberals needed a Hail Mary. If you can’t beat em’, falsely accuse em’ of rape. These accusations simply led to Doug Ford becoming Ontario Premier, who will likely be re-elected at the end of 2022.

Brown was forced to resign as leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives in 2018, just months before a provincial election, over allegations of sexual misconduct involving two women, as reported by CTV news. Brown has always denied any wrongdoing. The allegations have never been proven in court.

Later that year, Brown filed a defamation lawsuit against CTV, seeking $8 million in damages.

On Monday, CTV National News signed an agreement with Brown indicating that they “have resolved their legal dispute.” CTV also expressed regret for inaccuracies in its reporting that cost Brown his job as Ontario PC leader four years ago.

“Key details provided to CTV for the story were factually incorrect and required correction. CTV National News regrets including those details in the story and any harm this may have caused to Mr. Brown,” said the CTV statement.

One of the women who came forward had originally told CTV she was underage and in high school at the time of the alleged events, but afterwards changed her story to say that she was actually 19 at the time and had graduated high school.

CTV updated its story online “to reflect the first woman’s revised recollection of her age.”

The damage has already been done. Brown is not a viable candidate. In fact, the only viable candidate at this point in time is Pierre Poilievre. The base supports him, he’s much more conservative (at least nominally) than Erin O’Toole, and the establishment supports him as well. The Post, however seems to feel the need to promote all of the people who might run regardless of how terrible they are.

Patrick Brown isn’t a rapist, but in the eyes of the public, he is. Once that is thrown at you, you cannot get over it. Your life is destroyed. No career.

The National Post promoted Independent Ontario MPP Roman Baber, who was kicked out of the PC caucus for criticizing Ford on COVID restrictions, and Jean Charest, the former Premier of Quebec. Baber’s arguments and positions are much better than the others in the race, but that isn’t going to have any meaningful outcome on the leadership race.

Both Poilievre and Lewis have been opposing vaccination mandates and health restrictions that shutter business and force residents to stay inside, but Baber says what sets him apart is the fact he did so first.

“I don’t believe there’s anyone in the race who was willing to speak out against lockdowns or vaccine passports until recently,” he told The Canadian Press.

“I did not hesitate to speak out against lockdowns and mandates and passports when it was politically incorrect and when it was challenging politically to do so.”

Baber says he’s supports “volunteer vaccination” and is fully immunized, but has not received his third booster dose.

What makes the most sense to me is forcing Poilievre and the Conservative Party broadly to move to the right by using the PPC as leverage, just as we did on vaccine mandates. The fact that Poilievre is now anti-mandate, yes, is proof that he just wants to get elected and suddenly realized that the base hates the party for its support of totalitarian vaccine tyranny.

There is effectively no chance that anyone besides Poilievre wins leadership. The base of the party has a (frankly misplaced) faith in him, that he is a hardcore ideological conservative.

Charest is an establishment hack and is simply there to serve as this election’s Marco Rubio – someone who will be propped up by conservative media to ultimately be thrown out of the window.

The National Post really doesn’t want a conservative Conservative party. The fact that the Party is shifting back to the right after O’Toole is freaking them out. Their writer Mark Towhey (who is a shill) wrote an article about how conservatives need to focus on “winning elections” rather than on “being conservative.” You really can’t make this stuff up. The National Post literally just wants the Conservative Party to form government. They do not have any real reason for this despite them being funded by the same people. The Post doesn’t care about policy, they care about Conservatives winning elections.

If you think former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole lost the last federal election because he swung the Conservative party too far to the left, you’re wrong. If you think Mike Harris won two back-to-back majorities in Ontario because he was a “real” conservative, you’re wrong. If you think Rob Ford became mayor of Toronto because he appealed to “hidden conservative values” in Canada’s most liberal stronghold, you’re wrong, as well.

Humans are complex. Groups of people even more so. Our political behaviour cannot accurately be measured in just one dimension. Trying to do so has produced spectacular electoral failures and head-scratching victories.

Sure, some people are inherently conservative in their views of the world, others more liberal. But that is not the only difference that defines us. There is at least one other scale that helps explain how we vote: where we fall in terms of our preferences for ideology versus pragmatism. It’s time more political strategists understood this.

The Conservative Party cares about winning, their voters care about implementing right wing policy. Therefore, the Conservative Party must be right wing in order to form government, this obsession with pragmatism and appealing to moderate and left wing voters being simply a waste of time.

The most successful conservative across the world are the most conservative conservatives. Donald Trump won in 2016 (and 2020) because he wasn’t a “pragmatist.” Erin O’Toole lost in 2021 because too many of the Conservative Party’s main voter-base refused to vote for a left wing Conservative Party. Canada has a large right wing, and that right wing is not represented at all in her politics. That is why the Tories keep failing. The right wing party in this country is incapable of mobilizing its own voters. The Conservative Party is the largest party in total voters, and has been for the last two elections, but Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole inspired a rebellion withing the party, revolting against its leadership.

In key areas, Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party stopped the Conservatives from winning seats where right wing people are dominant. There are Liberal and NDP seats in right wing areas specifically because the Conservative party is so left wing that its own voters are abstaining or splitting the right wing vote by voting for Maxime. The PPC is larger in numbers than the Greens, and the Greens hold seats in government. The PPC will likely never win another seat, because the concentration of their voters does not exist, but at least 10 seats went to left wing parties due to the PPC splitting the right wing vote.

This is why the Conservative Party ran to the base during the Trucker Convoy. Opposing vaccine mandates will allow a Conservative government to be created, because the voters are just dumb enough to think the Party actually cares about them. It took a nationwide debilitating protest for the only viable right wing party in this country to finally take a single right wing position. We need a new Groyper War. A uniquely Canadian Groyper War, against Poilievre conservatives, and National Post shills.

The National Post and all of its writers need to be buried alive.

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