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There’s no such thing as a “hate crime,” because what other kind of crime can there be?

Toronto Police are investigating a potential hate-crime against vehicles displaying Russian flags. The two men were vandalizing vehicles with sledgehammers in a Cineplex parking lot, damaging any vehicle with Russian flags in the windshield.

One of the suspects is described as a male in his late teens wearing a grey sweater. The other is described as a male in a black sweater. The suspects fled in a vehicle described as a dark grey Acura, the Toronto Police Service reported.

“After consultation with the Service’s specialized Hate Crime Unit, the investigation is being treated as a suspected hate motivated offence,” police wrote.

“When suspected hate-motivated offences are reported to police, the investigation will be led by a Divisional investigator. The Hate Crime Unit will be made aware and specialized officers from that unit will support the investigation as needed,” they wrote.

To me, there are three big takeaways from this event.

The first one is this; there is a lot more support for Russia than the media lets on. As I’ve discussed before, the media (including conservative media) is working around the clock to invoke anti-Russian race hatred, and Canada is a lot more divided on this that it seems. Canadians are basically evenly split between Russia and Ukraine, with Ukraine taking a slight lead, and most people being radically anti-war.

The extreme level of disinformation coming from the establishment media (including conservative outlets like the Post Millennial) has proven how engrained the globalist system is within people’s lives. Obviously, I am in the last group. Canada First. The poll is misleading, because the 91% and 81% numbers make it sound like Canadians are thirsty for Slavic blood, when they are not. It is the media, not the people that want total war. 36% want to only use military as a last resort if necessary, and 26% want no military intervention at all, most of them taking the Canada First position (Putin is bad but it’s not Canada’s problem, let’s just let the Eastern Europeans deal with issues in Eastern Europe).

When media companies say that 80-90% of Canadians support Ukraine, that is misleading. A significant portion of those that “support Ukraine” either want no military intervention but think Putin is wrong, or think military intervention should only be a last resort.

The second takeaway is that hate crime investigations are ridiculous. It should not matter whether or not the vandalism occurred because these guys hated the Russian flags in these windshields, it should only matter that they maliciously vandalized something. There’s no such thing as a “hate crime,” because what other kind of crime can there be? Any pre-meditated crime is based on hatred unless the criminal is completely insane. This “hate crime” investigation is simply a criminalization of being angry. You’re not allowed to hate people, when hating is often justified.

The final takeaway is this; the police are clowns. This stuff is just ridiculous. The violence and hysteria against Russians is of the rails, and the police, who are on the anti-Russia payroll, are clowns.

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