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It is ultimately impossible to separate racialism and collective identity from these terms.

An UC Berkeley professor in the department of Critical Studies of Race, Class and Gender recently came out saying what we’ve been saying all along – that “abolishing whiteness” means “getting rid of white people.”

“But to, to my understanding, if you sort of undercut the category of whiteness, which the identity of white people depends on, you are, in effect, undercutting the concept of white people.”

Dr. Zeus Leonardo, UC Berkeley

He goes on to say that “white bodies” will continue to exist, but they will no longer be seen as “white people” as a collective group, implying that any sense of group identity among whites will stop existing in time, as white people atone for their alleged crimes against “racialized peoples.”

While that doesn’t actually appear to make any sense, like much of his other work on this topic, he appears to be attempting to dismember the concept of whiteness from white people and from the identities white people have. That’s a confusing idea, because he also uses whiteness to identify white people.

Leonardo goes on to suggest that the way to abolish white people is to make them not be white anymore, because white children are taught to be white and they can, in essence, be taught to not be white.

The term “whiteness” as an academic term is proof that being an anti-intellectual is a pre-requisite to considering yourself smart. To use that word unironically, you need to believe contradictory things about white people. “Whiteness” as a concept is basically the idea that there is a character to certain elements in our society that prop up white superiority and domination throughout our institutions, and you don’t necessarily have to be white to be a part of “whiteness,” and not all white people are a part of “whiteness.”

There is a strong parallel between the term “whiteness,” and the term “Jewry.” You do not have to be Jewish to contribute to Jewish domination of the institutions within our society, and not all Jews are a part of world Jewry. But however, as this professor correctly dictates, it is ultimately impossible to separate racialism and collective identity from either of these terms. These terms are racial terms, that describe racial collectivism, “whiteness” for white people, “Jewry” for Jewish people. He is an idiot and he uses academic jargon to explain everything, but the idea is “I don’t hate white people for no reason, or simply because they are white, I hate their collective domination of society and therefore we need to get rid of that collective identity to open up society to other groups.”

The obvious issue there is that white people have not had any real institutional power in Europe or the Americas for hundreds of years, the entire history of European colonialism, slavery and military interventionism being the result of “Jewish-ness,” and not “whiteness.”

And even if white people did have domination of Europe and North America by extension, that would be a morally good thing because white people are the indigenous people of Europe and therefore have the inherent right to govern it as they see fit, without outside influence. Every nation is entitled to local self-government, and white people are not the exception. If white people truly had control within European civilization, including overseas territories and colonies, there would not be any problem with that. That simply isn’t true.

The problem ultimately is not with his logic, but which side he is fighting for. Leftists will say that Jews are white to justify the “white supremacy” narrative, when Jews are not white and have their own unique racial identity and are genetically closer to Arabs and Persians than Europeans.

What he is advocating for is not a direct genocide of white people, but an identitarian genocide, or cultural genocide. White people, in the eyes of the left, can no longer identify with their history or culture, because as long as they have a strong indentitarian framework, whites will maintain control of their societies. That is true, but the left wants to abolish white people, and the real right wing wants them to continue existing. It is true that white people having collective identity holds us together, and abolishing that identity is what is causing our destruction.

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