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Ukraine’s government has been firing on itself and its own citizenry to make propaganda, and the conservative media bought every word of it.

The coverage of the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine is nothing short of fearmongering propaganda, without even a modicum of truth. The Russian military is now conducting a peacekeeping operation to keep Ukraine out of NATO, and to help secure the independence of two formerly Ukrainian provinces. These provinces voted to become independent, and then when Ukraine refused to recognize that independence, extremist elements pursued a violent revolution for their freedom.

On CNN and Fox News, as well as every other news channel, they are talking about how the Ukrainians are fighting hard and Russia is suffering heavy losses.

What they don’t ever, ever do is show you any footage of combat.

They shot down 27 planes and 26 helicopters – and blew up 146 tanks and 706 armored personnel carriers – but there is no video of any of it?

I’ve seen one 12-second clip of an alleged Russian tank that was destroyed, and it looked fake. The claim that 146 tanks were destroyed is so monumentally lunatic, I don’t even know how to process it.

If there really was a war in Ukraine, we’d be there, boots on the ground right now. We wouldn’t just be leaving Ukraine on its own, fighting one of the world’s strongest militaries with civilian forces. Why would Ukraine not be using their own military, which they obviously have?

Where are the videos of the Ukrainian civilians taking out tanks with water balloons?

Where is the video of the Ukrainian military, at all?

The reason is – they don’t want you to see what the actual Ukrainian military is doing. They are taking up positions in residential buildings to try to force Russians to fire on apartment complexes.

When it comes down to the most important issues, even conservative media will shill for the corporate interests that want us to die overseas for Jews. The media coverage is not about how we should not be fighting at all, but how what the current government is doing isn’t going far enough. The Post Millennial, for example made fun of a restaurant for changing the name of Poutine because it sounds kind of like Putin, instead of “actually helping the Ukrainians.”

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Le Roy Jucep restaurant said:

“Tonight the Jucep team decided to temporarily remove the word p**tine from its trademark in order to express, in its own way, its profound dismay at the situation in Ukraine.”

The post continues: “So, from now on, we are the inventor of Cheese Sauce Fries. Thank you.”

Ukraine’s government has been firing on itself and its own citizenry to make propaganda, and the conservative media bought every word of it. We as westerners have no business in Ukraine, but the National Post and the Rebel seem to think otherwise. Ukraine is nothing more than a waste of resources.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s leadership has been terrible, but only a rank optimist would say it has bottomed out. Biden and other western leaders have complacently reinforced Ukraine, instead of pouring in anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.

The Russian leader’s move to raise its alert level prompted the country’s military to prepare nuclear weapons for potential launch, marking the second time in recent days that Russia has escalated its aggressive stance against the United States and its allies in NATO.

As detailed by Daily Wire, Putin made a veiled threat of escalation when he warned that “consequences you have never seen” would be visited on any country that attempted to intervene militarily in Ukraine.

Putin is only responding to aggression from NATO, which obviously exists. After the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO became obsolete and no longer necessary. Russia is not morally or philosophically at odds with the west anymore. There is no reason for them to be our enemy.

Canadian government officials are supposed to fight for the interests of Canadians, so even if there were a war going on in Eastern Europe, it would not be our business, even slightly. We have no military treaties with Ukraine, and Russia is only trying to prevent NATO from forming one. Ukraine is not our ally in any official sense, but its government is controlled by the same Jews that control ours, notably Soros. The west is the instigator here, not Russia. Ukraine is the bad guy in this situation, and even if they weren’t, it would still not be the business of the west.

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