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They’re not going to stop demonstrating until all vaccine mandates are lifted.

The National Post hates defending actual conservatives, they simply want to avoid making the Conservative Party looking bad. The Post refuses to endorse the convoy, putting out empty, meaningless attacks toward Trudeau and Gay Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson (war criminals) while their main target for the last month has been the convoy. The convoy is popular, and the media is doing everything it can to stop it, even the nominally conservative media.

On Monday, both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said they were concerned about groups gathering outside city borders.

The big question is whether the protesters are resting up for the next leg of their journeys home, or if they are hunkered down and preparing for another blockade.

“Are they wanting to come back and occupy Wellington Street again?” Watson told Power & Politics. “There are still people, the diehards, who seem to enjoy disrupting our city and our nation for four weeks. My advice to them is ‘please go home.’”

The fact that the protesters are camping in rural municipalities throws a new twist into the scenario.

The Post doesn’t seem to realize that the truckers were serious; they’re not going to stop demonstrating until all vaccine mandates are lifted. The COVID issue is the number one issue right now, and is the cause of every other issue in this country. The Liberals are using COVID to justify economic damage and the rapid increase in mass migration.

Traitor Trudeau is not a legitimate authority figure in Canada. I do not respect his authority, or the legitimacy of the Canadian government. The National Post wants to defend the Trudeau regime and its invocation of the Emergencies Act, but cannot do so without losing its readership.

The Canadian people are being governed by people who have no loyalty to their own people.

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