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Lantsman should have just said “I’m Jewish, retard,” and then the swastika comparison would have immediately died within the public consciousness.

So this Jewish MP in the Conservative Party threw a fit in the House of Commons after being accused of being anti-Semitic for “standing with swastikas” because she supports the trucker convoy.

We learned today that Mr. Trudeau accused Ms. Melissa Lantsman of being anti-semite during the Emergencies Act debate. The absurd irony is that this Canadian MP (Thornhill, Ontario) happens to be Jewish.

I don’t think there’s a single person involved in this fight that isn’t acting like a whiny little brat. The one swastika flag that totally wasn’t photoshopped into the crowd, especially considering the famed picture of the Nazi flag has the swastika going the wrong direction, does not serve as an emblem of the full protest. Confederate flags are not a symbol of slavery or anti-black racism, in their common usage it is a symbol that acknowledges overreach by the federal government.

The question was one of many in a tense Question Period, following Trudeau’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act earlier this week. The Conservatives and Bloc have been forward in condemning its use, and New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh has expressed reluctance in supporting it.

Shout-out to the Bloc Quebecois by the way, they keep taking Ws, and I am still convinced that they are the objectively best party in Canada.

The whole racism angle is nothing but a distraction from the issue itself. If you can’t criticize something on its own, call it racist, then the rabid, Twitter-ridden base of the leftist mob will eat it alive like a parasitic swarm. I think it is childish that the Conservatives are taking the time to freak out on the Liberals, calling them racist instead of simply holding the line on the issues. Melissa Lantsman should have just said “I’m Jewish, retard,” and then the swastika comparison would have immediately died within the public consciousness.

The convoy demonstrating in Ottawa was launched originally as a protest against the federal government’s vaccine mandate for cross-border essential workers, including truckers. The policy demands that all Canadian travelers show proof of vaccination at a border crossing or face a quarantine period.

Other groups have since attached themselves to the movement, including some far-right and white nationalist elements.

A small number of the assembled protesters have displayed Nazi insignia, including the swastika and yellow stars of David, while others have flown the Confederate flag during these anti-government demonstrations. These racist symbols have been condemned by MPs of all party stripes.

Some Conservative MPs have supported the anti-mandate movement, saying it’s time for the federal government to drop all of its COVID-related restrictions.

The party’s interim leader, Candice Bergen, has posed for pictures with some of the protesters in Ottawa, while caucus members have championed the activists as patriotic Canadians justifiably concerned about limits on freedom during this health crisis.

The entire argument the state has against the protest is that it’s loud, and that there are like three racist people that support it. Moderates culture warring is the worst kind of culture warring. A huge shitstorm has come up over this, when it’s not even that big of a deal. Canada First nationalists are of course being smeared as far right extremists, but that’s not a new thing.

The comparison with the Star of David “juden” badges is not anti-Semitic. It is a claim that the unvaccinated are being persecuted like the Jews were persecuted. Doing so is a message of solidarity, even if it’s childish. It is an acknowledgment and identification with the pure form of persecution by the state. Holocaust comparisons are not anti-Semitic.

The only issue that matters here is the freedom of Canadians. Get rid of the mandates. No other issues are relevant.

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