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Sloly resigning is an admission that he knows that what he has done was blatantly illegal, unconstitutional and it is an overt admission of his feelings of guilt.

Good riddance. The chief of the Ottawa Police has announced he will be resigning in the heat of the 2022 Freedom Convoy that has been at the front of everyone in the world’s mind. The truckers, being legitimate freedom fighters, have naturally been smeared and harassed as far right extremists by the state media, which attacks any non-globalist with a pulse at the drop of a dime.

If all of these people dancing on the streets, and all of these truckers, are actually part of a conspiracy to overthrow the government, there would have to be secret leaders. There has never been an unorganized peasant uprising that worked. There would have to be a leader, and in this case, it would have to be a secret leader.

And I don’t really think that it is possible that the international intelligence agency apparatus couldn’t locate that secret leader and his capos that are running this whole secret plan. It’s not possible.

Here is a guy saying he’s a former RCMP sniper saying that he got info that the government was planning to drop caches of weapons near the protesters and then find them.

It makes zero sense that when the protesters are winning – and winning hard – that they would start shipping in weapons.

It makes total sense that the government would place weapons and accuse the protesters of planning to overthrow the government.

Police Chief Sloly resigned because he couldn’t handle the accusations of being an authoritarian, Canada-hating shill, because let’s be honest, all of those accusations are true. The police have been illegally abusing peaceful demonstrators for nearly three full weeks now.

The police chief was criticized last week by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms’ John Carpay, who highlighted the police force’s efforts to work with GoFundMe to remove funds from the Freedom Convoy truckers.

“Chief Sloly publicly accuses the truckers of engaging in ‘unlawful’ and ‘harmful’ activities, and of promoting ‘hatred’ and ‘violence,'” but provides no examples, facts, or arrests to support his accusations,” wrote Carpay.

Sloly resigning is an admission that he knows that what he has done was blatantly illegal, unconstitutional and it is an overt admission of his feelings of guilt. Sloly cannot decide which side he wants to fight for, the human side, or the internationalist communist side. Long term, it seems as though the influence of the globalist elite’s dark hand takes precedent over any semblance of morality.

Big Chief Sloly is subject to Gay Jim Watson, and Gay Jim Watson is subject to Jewish bankers and corporate interests, relying on corporate lobbying from SNC-Lavalin and obviously rigged Mayoral elections. No, it is not even slightly realistic for someone, anyone to win over 70% of the vote in a given election. Jim Watson is a terrorist and a cheat.

“It has been a difficult journey, but I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished,” said Sloly in a statement.

“Since the onset of this demonstration, I have done everything possible to keep this city safe and put an end to this unprecedented and unforeseeable crisis,” he said.

The Ottawa police have harassed and deployed riot cops on peaceful demonstrators, stolen private property including jerrycans, and illegally confiscated millions of dollars from a charitable crowdfunding platform and donated it to leftist causes. That is a blatant violation of human rights and every Ottawa cop should be deported.

The Canadian government was already using emergency powers long before Trudeau even declared them to be in place. Trudeau just wants to harass and politically molest innocent people. The emergencies act simply allows them to be terroristic publicly rather than in secret.

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