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“Americans support it therefore it is bad,” is literally their entire argument.

39% of individual donors to the trucker convoy’s GiveSendGo were Canadian, 56% were American, the rest coming from other countries. The CBC found out about this through a hack that redirected the donation link to an incoherent text scrawl about how the convoy was linked to Patriot Front, which it obviously wasn’t.

The convoy is a Canadian protest, the bulk of the protesters and donations coming from Canada. CBC intentionally manipulated this data to make the protest sound as though it was some crazy right wing American thing, when the American government right now is to the left of our own. Manipulating data for a headline is typical of media companies, especially state propaganda like the CBC.

The reason right wing media is so frequently smeared as extremist and fake news in Canada, is that we have a state media company that dominates the news cycle.

The hack itself was filled to the brim with schizophrenic boomer ramblings about some sort of right wing American coup attempt because God forbid a Canadian believe in freedom. The hacker claims that the trucker convoy was responsible for January 6th, and that what is happening in Ottawa is an “insurrection,” despite the most the protest is doing is literally just being loud. As opposed to the ECM crowd who literally demolish statues and commit arson, of course, which is obviously “mostly peaceful.”

GiveSendGo, the crowdfunding website that raised more than $8.7 million in cash for the “Freedom Convoy” protesters in Ottawa was hacked on Sunday night, leaving the details of over 92,000 donors now vulnerable to public scrutiny.

The hackers who breached the database have not publicly revealed who they are, but anyone who visited the website on Sunday evening was greeted by a redirect to, which played a video of Disney’s “Frozen” and a long message that included the following paragraph:

“Attention GiveSendGo grifters and hatriots. You helped fund the January 6th insurrection in the U.S. You helped fund an insurrection in Ottawa. In fact you are committed to fund anything that keeps the raging fire of misinformation going until it burns the world’s collective democracies down. On behalf of sane people worldwide who wish to continue living in a democracy, I am now telling you that GiveSendGo itself is now frozen.”
Schizophrenic boomerposting
This is unironically what the hacker looks like

Although the platform allows donors to make their donations public, many simply chose to hide their identities – which were then revealed by the breach, betraying the platform’s lack of security.

The vast majority of donors provided their names, email addresses, with only a few individuals retaining their anonymity. Rebel News will not be publishing the details or identities of those affected by the GiveSendGo breach.

The company has not released any public statements since the breach and a review of its website shows a placeholder that reads:

Thanks for visiting

We are currently offline for maintenance and server upgrades. We are continuing to improve our platform to ensure it will be the best fundraising platform on the internet. Thank you for your patience and support. Please check back later.

According to “extremism” data analyst Amarnath Amarasingam, analysis of the stolen data shows that the bulk of donations came from Canadian donors, while the majority of donors come from the U.S., making up more than 56%. Thousands of donations also poured in from Europe and Australia. Canadians managed to outraise Americans by almost $1 million, bringing in $4.3 million to the truckers compared to the Americans’ $3.6 million.

Illegally stolen data is now the main argument against the Canadian trucker convoy. “Americans support it therefore it is bad,” is literally their entire argument. Even with the Americans making up 56% of donations, Canadian donations still massively outweighed American ones, the United States being a country with 10 times the population, half of which supports the Canadian trucker movement.

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“The convoy has massive, international support, somehow that’s an argument against it”

The CBC using the data from this hack, although it is not in any way incriminating, shows that the Canadian government does not care about individual rights, not even slightly. Canadians support the convoy. They really support the convoy, and the evidence? Just look at CBC’s like to dislike ratio.

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