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Invoking the war measures act is by definition an act of terrorism by the state, therefore making the Canadian government illegitimate.

The Emergencies Act, which is a renamed and expanded War Measures Act, was created during the Great War (1914-18) to keep the people of Canada safe by giving the government more power to fight the Kaiser both at home and abroad. This includes giving the government the power to conscript citizens to the military against their will, institute curfews, rationing, etc. Prime Minister Trudeau has revealed that he plans to invoke this act, effectively declaring a state of war against innocent peaceful demonstrators.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford did a similar thing earlier this week, holding contrary beliefs simultaneously. The government needs to realize that we will not be threatened by a terrorist state. We are the Canadian nation and we deserve rights, dignity and respect. Invoking the war measures act is by definition an act of terrorism by the state, therefore making the Canadian government illegitimate. Trudeau has just unknowingly given the people the right to attempt a coup.

In a meeting with the Liberal caucus on Monday morning, Trudeau said there were no plans to deploy the military, according to the sources.

The Emergencies Act, which replaced the War Measures Act in the 1980s, defines a national emergency as a temporary “urgent and critical situation” that “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it.”

The act grants cabinet the ability to “take special temporary measures that may not be appropriate in normal times” to cope with an emergency and the resulting fallout during an “urgent and critical situation.”

It also gives powers to the prime minister to respond to four different types of emergency scenarios: public welfare (natural disasters, disease), public order (civil unrest), international emergencies and war emergencies.

Civil disobedience is the only way forward. Call their bluff. Stay in the streets, keep up the blockades, and most importantly stay peaceful. The government is behaving in a way that discredits and removes their right to act as sovereign over the people. Ottawa is being held hostage, not by the convoy, but by the Liberals.

It has only been used once in peacetime – by Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau – during the so-called “October Crisis” in 1970. It was invoked twice during the two world wars, when it was known as the War Measures Act.

Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair said the government is prepared to use “emergency powers” if needed and characterized border blockades as a national security threat.

Under Canadian law, the federal government can enact the Emergencies Act to prohibit travel within a specified area or remove personal property, while imposing fines or jail time on people contravening new orders.

A number of provinces have announced plans to get rid of Covid restrictions, but Trudeau has stuck with vaccine mandates that are under his government’s control — including those for federal government workers, air travelers and truckers entering the country from the U.S.

Protests have sprung up in other places, including the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario — the largest U.S.-Canada border crossing for commercial goods. The span was blocked for six days and was finally reopened Sunday night after police officers cleared out the demonstrators. 

The reopening of the bridge, which carries about one-quarter of the commercial trade between the two countries, marks an end to the most economically-disruptive of the protests that have spread across Canada in recent weeks. At least six automotive plants were forced to cut output because of a shortage of parts, while shipments of everything from food to electronics was also hampered.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared an emergency on Friday, and police began clearing the protests Saturday morning in Windsor.

Like father like son? Except the Quebec independence terrorist groups were actually a credible threat and in that situation Pierre Trudeau genuinely did the right thing, despite me hating him most of the time. The issue is not Quebec Independence Marxists blowing up mailboxes anymore, the issue is people parking trucks in the street and honking horns really loudly. Yes, they’re blocking trade, and the protest would not be working as well as it is if they weren’t.

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