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The Party must promote the positions of the majority of conservatives. That’s anti-mandate, anti-abortion and anti-immigration.

Interim Conservative Leader Candice Bergen has come out trying to play both sides in typical CPC fashion. Bergen’s concern is not with the interests of the protesters or their concerns, despite what she might say. Her concern, as you can extract from the quote below is with preserving the sacred economy. The Trucker Convoy would not have worked as effectively as it did if it was not disruptive, but now we have someone who claims to support the protest’s end-goals but actively fights against those thousands engaging in the only means possible of getting there.

“I want to speak directly to Canadians who are demonstrating here in Ottawa and across the country. Your protest began with truckers, and you’ve grown into an international phenomenon,” she said, referring to protests that have spawned in Europe and elsewhere.

“To all of you that are taking place in the protest, I believe the time has come for you to take down the barricades, stop the disruptive action, and come together. The economy you want to see reopen is hurting. Farmers manufacturers, small businesses, and families are suffering. I believe this is not what you want to do,” she said, likely referring not just to the main Ottawa protest, but the much more economically impactful Ambassador Bridge protest in Windsor, Ontario, where hundreds of millions of dollars of trade between the US and Canada pass each day.

“You’re protesting because you love your country, and you want your freedom back. To the protestors here in Ottawa, you came bringing a message. That message has been heard. Conservatives have heard you, and we will stand up for you and all Canadians who want to get back to normal life. We will not stop until the mandates have ended.

“Today though, I’m asking you to take down the blockades. Protest peacefully and legally. But it’s time to remove the barricades and the trucks for the sake of the economy, and because it’s the right thing to do,” she concluded.

We’ve gone and done it. We’ve replaced O’Toole with someone way worse in the interim. Bergen is a snake. Poilievre, who will inevitably replace her and in turn Trudeau, is also a snake.

Let’s break down what Candice is saying.

  1. The economy is suffering, not because of the mandates but because of your protesting against them.
  2. Mandates are bad.
  3. Go home and let your sacred government deal with it because it’s actually your fault and not ours.

The government is responsible for economic damage, not the workers protesting it. We were facing shortages and record inflation long before the truckers gathered in Ottawa, and blockaded certain border crossings.

Candice Bergen, along with every other Conservative suddenly magically started to oppose vaccine mandates the second it became clear it would get them votes. The Conservatives have no principles, and certainly do not care about the people they claim to. The opposition to mandates is good, and the Conservative Party is at least pretending to move in the right direction and that can’t be ignored, but it is important to listen to Bergen is saying. Her saying that she supports the protests is not the point she is trying to make. The way she structured her statement intentionally contradicts itself. “I support the goals of the protest, but I do not support the protest. The Conservative Party is now going to adopt your talking points in fighting the Liberals, you are no longer necessary. We’re in charge, not you.”

Why do politicians like to think they hold some kind of authority over us? They work for us. The job of the politician in a democracy is to do what we tell them to do, and we, for nearly two years have been saying no to vaccine mandates, which has been directly ignored. Now, the Conservative Party is saying “ugh… fine we’ll do what you want I guess but you better go home and be good little boys and not damage our most precious optics as the righteous big tent natural governing party.”

The Conservative Party is not worthy of support unless every single opposition MP joins the protesters in the streets, and that’s never going to happen without us making them. The Conservative Party is supposed to represent the interests of all right wing people in Canada. That is their job. Nothing else. That means the Party must promote the positions of the majority of conservatives. That’s anti-mandate, anti-abortion and anti-immigration. No more of this “settled law” crap, your job is to change the law and make the law what we want is to be.

The Conservative Party has been fanatically taking the extreme leftist position on abortion for nearly 30 years, and all the pro-life people still vote for them anyways.

Candice Bergen making this statement makes it clear that the Conservatives see right wing voters as a means to forming government, and not as their bosses. That is not okay. We let them walk all over us and promote ideology that we hate when they are only employed for the expressed purpose of doing what we tell them to. The convoy did something incredible. It made the Conservatives panic, pick up and run to meet us where we are instead of fearmongering about Liberal reelection and pandering to women and minorities to get votes. We can do this on every issue, but we cannot get complacent just because they came to us on vaccine mandates. They are uncomfortable with being anti-mandate, it’s unfamiliar ground. They fear the name-calling by Liberals, and are afraid the “Liberals are the real racists” will only work for so long.

That argument never worked. It doesn’t work for the left, and more importantly, it doesn’t work for the right, you know, the people they are supposed to be representing and therefore rely on to be elected. Betrayal of the right wing base is the only reason they keep losing to Trudeau. Anger at Trudeau does not justify a vote for Scheer, O’Toole, or even Poilievre unless they step up their game and do what we tell them to, and if disrupting supply chains and gridlocking major cities is the only way to accomplish that then we need to be doing a whole lot more if it.

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