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No, of course gays can’t donate blood, and that’s a good thing.

This is funny. These leftist infographics are just so silly. This one is just amusing. “Conservatives are hypocritical because they believe in doing one thing for one thing and different thing for different thing.”

It’s typical for an ideologue to expect people who don’t rely on ideological cookie cutter answers to have the same policy solution to every issue. This post comes from self-entitled gay Jew named Matt Bernstein. Typical of a Jew to like raping boys in the asshole.

Nigga straight up saying “it’s bad when they do it, it’s good when we do it plus it’s homophobic or something.”

Bernstein is going to make the argument that it was paranoid and homophobic for conservatives to be worried about gay people when a mortal disease you can basically only get by having gay anal sex with men, especially at a time when it was unknown how AIDs was spread. It would be ideal if we continued to wear masks around gay people, specifically so they know that their behaviour is a social contagion, and that they need to stop being gay. Stop putting your penis inside of men’s buttholes you disgusting freak.

It is now hypocrisy to oppose the actual spreaders of disease from engaging in society. The COVID pandemic is not an exclusively gay disease like AIDs, and is infinitely less dangerous. AIDs literally is given to you when you put a penis inside your butthole. You kind of deserve how you’re treated when you put penises in your asshole. Fag out here with poop dicks talking about homophobia nah nigga I’m just afraid of you raping me with your gay Jewish poop dick.

“Jason Kenny, because he opposed letting the spreaders of disease into hospitals 40 years ago made him a tyrant, and it is now hypocritical for him to oppose shutting down the entirety of society for a virus that isn’t nearly as dangerous.”

AIDs kills people. COVID doesn’t. AIDs is a practically exclusively faggot-ridden disease, COVID effects everyone.

You gotta love how gay Jew Bernstein ignores the obvious comparison between the “oppressed” homosexuals during the poop dick epidemic and the people who didn’t choose to comply with being injected with a non-functional, dangerous experimental drug. That’s right Bernstein! The unvaccinated are oppressed! The unvaccinated are akin to the Jews in Hitler’s Germany (more on this later).

“Me being a hypocrite somehow makes conservatives hypocrites!”

It’s almost like you can’t apply equal standards to unequal issues. Some things are worse than other things. Equality is not real. Equality is Satanic. Applying different standards to different issues makes the low-IQ homo-feminists seethe. Their ideology is so mentally corrosive that they refuse to acknowledge that some issues have different solutions to other issues. Not everything can be solved by just throwing more equality at it. Inequality is not and has never been a problem.

“I no understan difference between things.”

Now this next one is… ironic to say the least. Matt Bernstein made the thrilling comparison between the unvaccinated and homosexuals. The reason we on the right oppose vaccine mandates has nothing to do with equal treatment. We do not care about equal treatment. Equal treatment makes no sense, as people are not equal to other people. Equality is fake and gay.

“Nooo you can’t compare yourself with [generic oppressed group] even though I literally did the same thing to make an own the chuds post.”

I agree that conservatives claiming that they’re the new [generic oppressed group] is cringe, but that’s because the “plight of the oppressed” in most to all cases literally nothing more than propaganda. The “oppressor vs. oppressed” narrative is a controlled narrative, ironically only used by the global elite, which is Jewish, for the sole purpose of persecuting ordinary Christian white Europeans. God forbid a white person, a Christian adopt that narrative for themselves in a way that undermines your devious end goals of internationalism, open borders and hyper libertine societies with a fascist ethno-state within the Jewish state of Israel.

“Nooooo don’t agree that our idol faced adversity that’s racist or something.”

I don’t think it’s important to this argument that the Diary of Anne Frank was written by a greedy Jew who wanted to make money off of the holocaust, effectively being a work of fiction, but I thought I’d briefly mention it.

The reason that conservatives adopting this narrative is so ridiculous is that it gives the left their argument. “Why yes, this thing you are saying is bad is actually bad and not a Soviet Union psy-op, and actually, I’m the Jew now. I’m the oppressed minority! I’m a George Floyd conservative!” Stop adopting a victim persona, you are not a victim in the way the left’s allies are victims. You are not a progressive, stop pretending to be. “We need to make progress,” no actually, we need to return to what our society was like in the early 1910s.

This is a video calling out MLK, another figure gutless conservatives love to appropriate. It’s a John Doyle video, so if you’ve seen it you know where I’m going with this.

Conservatives adopting the figures and narratives of the left even slightly, in minor ways does one thing, and that thing is saying “well the conservatives ten years ago are really bad but I’m a new conservative and actually the left are the real racists because of the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

If you refuse to be a reactionary, you are not a conservative. You cannot justify preserving a society when your society has become a pile of rubble.

“All of those sledge-hammer blows to this wall were good but no more okay? I promise I believe in all of the attacks you’ve made so far but this next one is TOO FAR!”

A society is not worth conserving if the society is a disgusting heap of miscegenation and degeneracy. A salad is dependent on lettuce, if you keep adding non-vegetable items to the salad and remove the lettuce, is it still really a salad?

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