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“Conspiracy theory” and “white supremacy” mean one thing and one thing only; this thing is true, but if you look into it you will be extracted from society, all of your personal life’s intricacies will be weaponized against you, and there’s really not much you can do about it.

Why are we pretending on such a large scale that things that are dangerous are morally good, and things that are harmless are the greatest threat imaginable? While this is a rhetorical question of course, remembering the details of each and every assault on truth by the globalist elite is fundamental in convincing people to join our side. We need to prove that these conspiracy theories are not just theories, but genuine conspiracies that are real and dangerous. Phrases like “conspiracy theory” and “white supremacy” mean one thing and one thing only; this thing is true, but if you look into it you will be extracted from society, all of your personal life’s intricacies will be weaponized against you, and there’s really not much you can do about it. We need to acknowledge that we are not fighting a battle from the middle, where both sides have equal footing. We are living under a criminal occupation.

The COVID pandemic is the key to waking people up to everything. The entire system has been structured this way for decades, where those of us who truly understand what is going on are marginalized, labeled as crazy extremists or oppressors for simply asking questions. For a lot of people, COVID was the first redpill. We have to recognize all of the new people within dissident right wing circles, coming from the realization that the COVID agenda is fake. Saying COVID isn’t real, is a weapon against the elite. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. What matters is the promotion of the idea that the system in control of us lies, and always has lied.

COVID makes our job, promoting the right wing agenda much easier because the COVID pandemic is so clearly exaggerated and weaponized by the media and government actors. It is so easy to promote our positions now, because simply pointing out the contradictions and short-term memory manipulation of the media has become so obvious through things like lab leak theory, and the fact-checkers and establishment politicians openly admitting to lying. Fauci lied about the efficacy of masks and vaccines, and everyone knows that he did. Fauci through the NIH directly and intentionally funded gain of function research in Wuhan, where a lab exists solely for the purpose of making bat coronaviruses more virulent, and everyone knows he did. The US government created the COVID pandemic as a bioweapon against their own citizens, and then lied about it.

I don’t even know of any non-celebrity who has died of COVID. I know people who have “had” the virus. A friend of mine, a coworker I had this summer when I was doing work on a golf course outside of Ottawa had gotten COVID when she was at University, she recovered, and then proceeded to get the vaccine so she “couldn’t get it again.” Of course I told her that having had the virus should provide the same if not better protection than the vaccine would give you, but to no avail unfortunately. It has now come out through study that the vaccine actually cancels out your natural immunity, and that the efficacy of the vaccine against the virus goes down conveniently every time Pfizer (Jewish) needs more money.

Those of us with a basic understanding of biology understand that viruses are very easy for the body to defend against once the body has been exposed to them, that being the way your typical vaccine works. A viral vaccine, which contains a weakened or partial piece of the virus causes an immune response which instructs the body on methods to defend against the virus, making it practically impossible to be infected again. This process occurs with viruses, it being basically impossible for someone to get the same variant of the same virus multiple times. That is how vaccines work. That’s how we know vaccines work. The COVID vaccine, theoretically achieves this process by injecting the recipient with mRNA, which modifies your cells’ biological makeup by inserting genetic code into them which creates the partial viruses, meaning that in theory these vaccines are even better than the typical vaccine because your body creates the pieces of the virus it is instructing to defend against itself.

Obviously, the vaccines do not work. I am not a scientist, or a virologist, but my understanding of the issues with the vaccine are split into three simple categories:

  • The part of the virus that the mRNA is trying to get your body to create are not accurate to the virus itself, meaning the efficacy is minimal in instructing the immune system in defense against the virus.
  • The spiked proteins, which mimic the spiked proteins form the COVID virus are poisonous to the human body, and when injected in large amounts can cause serious health problems including various kinds of heart disease.
  • The COVID virus is evolving too rapidly for the mRNA to be accurately designed to newer variants, meaning the more the virus develops, the less likely you are for the vaccine to work against it.

I understand vaccines and biological science, as I have been to a High School. This is sophomore level science, not PhD level. If you do not understand this, you are simply forgetful of the basic instruction during Grade 10 and 11 biology. I don’t need to be a doctor to be able to read a scientific paper or study and make my own conclusions. The vaccine doesn’t work, and it is dangerous. Basically half of all people understand this basic fact, and most people have an inherent moral opposition to mandatory vaccinations. Despite this, we live in a police state that revolves around you getting a non-functional vaccine for a virus that is less dangerous than the flu for the overwhelming majority of people. The COVID virus has a 99.97% survival rate, and the only people that die from the virus are the elderly, those with auto-immune disorders and the morbidly obese. Mandating a non-functional vaccine for a virus that doesn’t kill anyone is a morally evil act.

Everyone knows this information, even those that support vaccine mandates. The people that support vaccine mandates that are not mentally disabled believe in contradictory beliefs and know that they believe in contradictory beliefs. I hold the belief that most people are simply too afraid to speak up, worrying about people like themselves ostracizing them for not lying. We are the majority, the silent majority. Most leftists have in their head the “what if” questions running constantly. “What if the conspiracy theorists are right?” Guess what. We always are.

COVID has made it a lot easier for the truth about everything to come out. The government lies, and that is important for every man to remember. They lie, people don’t really believe it, and go along with it anyways. It all comes down to wanting to be accepted, feeling the need to fit in in a society that hates itself.

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