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This is a constant struggle, between the banking class and the average person.

Canada has sparked a global movement of non-compliance with the vaccine mandates, and the system has lost it. This, obviously was to become the first step towards a global government headed up by Jewish communists. After the failure of the Soviet Union, the elites needed another way of promoting communism, a way that was more subtle. Media control is essential to their pursuit of world domination. You can already tell, that the COVID narrative is collapsing, and that they are doing everything in their power to reassert dominance over the truth. This video for example debunks Justin Trudeau, Liberal Prime Minister of Canada’s claims that the Freedom Convoy movement was “desecrating war memorials.”

Justin Trudeau’s Deputy Prime Minister currently sits on the board of trustees at the World Economic Forum. The Trudeau government is directly connected to the group responsible for Agenda 2030, which is looking more and more like it is being slowed down due to non-compliance. This is a constant struggle, between the banking class and the average person. The bankers genuinely want to transfer all wealth directly to themselves, living in walled cities while the rest of us work for them.

At the Canada-US border crossing in Coutts, Alberta, a group of Freedom Convoy protesters have created a blockade that is directly hindering business. This places the government in a difficult situation, because if they cannot get the demonstrators to move, a significant portion of all product being imported to and exported from Canada would be stuck at the border, that transport system already being under strain by the continuing trucker convoy.

The truckers have gathered at the crossing between Alberta-Montana in a show of solidarity with the Freedom Convoy that travelled across Canada, finally converging in Ottawa this past weekend.

During the dispute at the border, the protesters complied with a request from the authorities to allow some traffic — like locals, trucks hauling goods and other essential crossings — to pass through their blockade.

The police, however, are blocking food and medicine from reaching the demonstrators in what would seem like an attempt to remove the blockade.

The elites freak out when they don’t get their way. That’s how you know you’re making a difference. It is important, crucial to remember that we all have way more power than we think we do. We have more power than they do, you have just been conditioned not to use it.

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