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If you believe that making a compromise on all of your beliefs is worth it to get rid of Trudeau, then by all means, support Pierre for leader.

The Conservative Party of Canada is in open revolt against its leader, Erin O’Toole who only came into power by being everyone in the party’s second choice for leadership, mine included. O’Toole, who initially ran for leadership as a “true blue” conservative, advocating for a defunding of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, I thought had the potential for being a genuinely positive development after Andrew Scheer. He was generally more libertarian than I would have liked during the leadership race, but he was a decent second place choice behind Derek Sloan.

The Conservatives buy and large are still run by your typical run of the mill neoconservative, most members being very similar in ideology to a typical Republican. This revolt, spurring on a leadership review in the party is being pushed by the Pierre Poilievre fans, who are to the right of O’Toole. As explained well in the Telegram post from Tyler, Pierre is not actually as good as he seems. He would be an improvement over O’Toole, but only marginally, in ways that are not actually beneficial to genuinely conservative people. I have been a follower of Poilievre for a while, and during my more moderate days supported him for party leadership.

The main issue with Poilievre is not his nominal positions, although those are still radically leftist and anti-white. The biggest issue I have with him is his unwillingness to stand up the the CPC establishment. During the last two leadership races, Pierre Poilievre was a favourite among party members for leadership, but other candidates, using blackmail kept him from running. Officially, his reasoning for not running was his new wife and kid, but that to me seemed more like an excuse for what’s really going on.

Another important point to mention is Poilievre’s connection to the Israeli lobby and Zionism, at one point attacking University students critical of Israel as anti-Semitic.

“Mr. Speaker, our Conservative government condemns the latest anti-Semitic outburst at York University. This week, chants of ‘Zionism is racism’ were heard, and one person was called a ‘dirty Jew’. Sadly, incidents like these have become far too prevalent on college and university campuses across Canada. I am reminded of the violent left-wing mob that shouted anti-Semitic curses at a former Israeli prime minister and prevented him from speaking at Concordia University in 2002. I fear there is a rise among the extreme left of a new anti-Semitism. We see it in the instances that I mentioned. It lies below the surface of the public discourse waiting, waiting for us to let our guard down, waiting for the outrage to subside, waiting for the right time to flourish. We must confront it, fight it, and defeat it.”

Pierre Poilievre, 2009, House of Commons

Poilievre is also rabidly pro-abortion, his most pro-life position being that he thinks pro-life members of parliament have the right to continue existing.

“Poilievre stated that as leader, he would allow Conservative MPs to put forward private members’ bills on abortion and to vote based on their conscience, but he made it clear that no such bill would pass under his watch.

“Pierre’s approach would be the same as Stephen Harper’s,” an anonymous source from within Poilievre’s campaign told the Star Vancouver.

“While members of caucus will always have freedom of conscience, no bill on the subject would be adopted — and Pierre would vote against it.””

Despite making up the overwhelming majority of Conservative voters, pro-lifers have zero representation in the Canadian parliament. For whatever reason, Canada’s Conservatives seem dead set on enabling the murder of innocent children.

Pierre Poilievre is in favour of “millions” of immigrants entering Canada as long as they do so “legally,” regardless of the fact that it doesn’t matter how they get here, it matters that they’re getting here in the first place.

“Whereas Canada benefits from the millions of newcomers who have come lawfully to this country;

Whereas those who enter illegally consume resources that could be better used for those who apply following the rules;

Whereas roughly 30,000 illegal border crossers have entered Canada from the United States since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s famous “Welcome to Canada” tweet; 

Whereas the Prime Minister has the power to close the legal loophole that allows illegal border crossers coming from the U.S. to stay in Canada if they walk across the border and go around official ports of entry;

We hereby call on the government to close the loophole, stop the illegal border crossings and support lawful immigration.”

If Poilievre is made CPC leader, the Tories will have won back enough of their voters from Maxime Bernier to win elections. This will get rid of Justin Trudeau in the next election. If you believe that making a compromise on all of your beliefs is worth it to get rid of Trudeau, then by all means, support Pierre for leader. The Conservative Party, while it would be improved under Poilievre, the shift would be toward basically being a US Republican Party except without the opposition to abortion. It would put Canada in the same place the United States was pre-Groyper War. Which again, is an improvement, but not by nearly enough.

Pierre Poilievre is good as finance critic. His fiscal positions are perfect and his criticisms of the Trudeau government on inflation, vax mandates and lockdowns will make Canadians feel like the Tories have convictions again, but that would be a major issue for those of us on the far right going forward. We would need to engage in our very own Canadian Groyper War and to continue supporting the People’s Party, and with a severe lack of public accountability with Canadian politicians, a strong shill party with the illusion of convictions is much worse than a weak shill party without.

Him being placed as party leader would eliminate mask and vaccine mandates, and that would be a good thing, so ultimately I’m torn. Maybe we should accept him and push him to the right through ruthless criticism, or we use him to eliminate mandates and then throw him away. Fundamentally, Pierre Poilievre is just as much of a Zionist shill neocon as everyone else in the party and we can’t start saying he’s “our guy.”

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