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If the media wants to make our flag into an offensive symbol of the far right, I will start to wave that flag vigorously.

We’ve officially done it. We’ve made the Canadian flag our own this weekend. When journos, especially Jewish journos start to claim that waving your nation’s flag is anti-Semitic, you’ve done something right. Nothing they can say will make us stop, and it’s driving them insane.

This blue-check Jewess who writes for the Globe seems to think our flag has meaning, and that meaning is deeply offensive to her. “I am immune from criticism because I am a Jew, the eternal victim. Those holocaust comparisons hurt me deeply.”

I genuinely believe that it is only the rootless now that support vaccine mandates, replacement and every other depopulation scheme. This interview from the Post Millennial highlights this well, as the media and internet leftists have been making the obligatory comparison between the Freedom Convoy and the Every Child Matters movement.

The Post Millennial secured an exclusive interview with Indigenous activists who are participating in the convoy. “I’m a 60 year-old grandmother. I have two beautiful grandchildren and this is not the Canada I want to leave with them,” said Linda Audette, an Indigenous woman from Sudbury, Ontario.

“We all let them do this to us. Do not leave this for your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. We have to stand up, take off those diapers off everybody’s face. We have to stop vaccinating our children. We have to end all these mandates,” Audette continued to express during the interview.”

While obviously I strongly oppose the way ECM has progressed, and do not believe the narrative being promoted by the “genocide” and “land back” crew, the truckers have not been hostile to the indigenous at all, and there were even those hideous Every Child Matters flags strapped across some of the trucks. The genocide may have been fabricated by the media, but that’s beside the point. The anger being shared at these protests is all very real. All Canadians have an interest in getting rid of these ridiculous mandates.

You’re not allowed to criticize global Jewish influence, even subconsciously. That’s what Miss Lederman wants you to know.

This is a system of global compliance, and ordinary people are fighting back. That’s the significance of this. The Canadian flag has been given meaning, even if it was thrust upon us by the elites. It is a flag representing non-compliance and liberty.

I’ve said for a long time that I don’t really identify with the Canadian flag, because it’s a meaningless piece of cloth that was thrust upon us without our consent. Canadians were perfectly happy before Pearson decided to replace our gorgeous naval Red Ensign. A flag is supposed to symbolize its nation, and the maple leaf has never really met that mark to me. I’m not everyone, but as a nationalist, I’ve always found that our flag is pretty, but boring. Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote just a few weeks ago:

“The notion that the Red Ensign is a white supremacist symbol no doubt comes from its actual symbology, which truly represents the various peoples that came together to form the Canadian nation, which is a living, breathing organism rather than a mere organizational system. Canada is a people, a people made up of several peoples, and the simplified coat of arms on the Red Ensign represents that perfectly, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing…

…The Union Jack in the top left of the flag represents the monarchical system we live under. While an independent political entity, the Canadian government is a parliamentary democracy that operates under the British Crown. A separate country with the same head of state. The coat of arms represents the different peoples that came together to form this nation, and yes, those peoples happen to be white…

…Admitting Canada’s founding has an ethnic component is essential, and the Red Ensign does just that. That is the reason they hate it. They hate our flag because they hate our people, and our nationalism. They want us to feel disconnected, and Canada to be defined by its government, rather than its land and its people.” – January 17th, 2022 from Blooskeptic Media Archive

Lederman genuinely believes that criticizing the COVID regime, and the media class by extension is anti-Semitic. If you have a blue checkmark on Twitter, and you can’t get more than 15 likes, that proves to me you were placed in your position rather than earning it, and if the media wants to make our flag into an offensive symbol of the far right, I will start to wave that flag vigorously. They slander our symbology because they want to slander what it represents, and they hate our flag because they hate the meaning this freedom convoy has given it. It is a symbol of freedom as opposed to the Jewish elite’s fantasy of global slavery. Sign me up.

We can reclaim our flag like blacks reclaimed the word “nigga.” That’s our flag. It represents our people and our values.

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