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National Post readers need to realize that there are more important things than just winning elections.

I am genuinely confused as to how this publication stays afloat. It makes absolutely no sense to insult your readership in the way they do from an economic perspective. They’ve gone ahead and abandoned every instance of conservative thought within their ranks, becoming a tabloid dedicated to shilling for the Tory party rather than maintaining any semblance of principles. They’re Conservatives and not conservatives.

Sabrina Maddeaux wrote a piece for the Post today, whining and complaining about how the 2022 Freedom Convoy was dividing people, and “making the right look bad.” This nominally conservative publication keeps pushing out article after article slandering and smearing genuine conservatives and other right wing Canadians for actually being conservative, and Sabrina Maddeaux is one of their favourite CPC shills.

Her entire opinion piece boils down to one argument:

  • There were racists and anti-Semites at the rally
  • Defending the rally makes you a racist and an anti-Semite

“What’s happening right now, and how it is being exploited by politicians, is unequivocally bad and has the potential to be the start of something worse. Rather than address the heart of the beast and work towards de-escalation, both sides of the political spectrum are attempting to capitalize on said political theatre.”

While it is true, that politicians are using the convoy for their daily political theatre, Sabrina (Jew) Maddeaux is saying that instead of acting like they’ve always been against vaccine mandates, the Tories need to double down and mandate the seventeenth booster and basically be the better liberal to oppose the Liberals. O’Toole defenders do not exist outside the media space, and this article, being completely incoherent, is proof as to why. The major media outlet which exists entirely to defend Canada’s major right wing political party is nothing but a propaganda pump for the O’Toole liberalized Tory Party.

It’s always a bad thing to criticize the Conservative party to the Post. Even when the party is moving farther and farther to the left with every passing election cycle. These liberal goobers spend more time attacking conservatism as an ideology than they do defending it. “Any statement against Erin O’Jew is a gift to the left, because even though it’s bad that the party is moving leftward, what, would you rather Trudeau?”

The fact that there are far right, extremist elements involved in the freedom convoy only proves that this issue is important to genuinely right wing people, people that the Conservative party depends on for electoral success. People that with the current direction of the party, cannot in good conscience vote CPC. The Conservative Party is responsible for the creation of new right wing extremists by neglecting its own principles.

From the perspective of a snake politician in the CPC, defending and participating in the 2022 Freedom Convoy, even as it continues today, is nothing short of brilliant. They’ve done nothing but attack their own voter base for years and now they’ve been given the opportunity to suck them off one last time to earn their complacent members’ brownie points.

Sabrina Maddeaux, from my perspective looks like she is furious. She liked where the Tories were headed, trying to take the role of the new big tent party from the Liberals. She’s part of the mouthpiece of the Conservative Party establishment, that wants to take over for the Liberals as the “natural governing” party, rather than actually implement conservative policies. It’s time for National Post readers to realize that there are more important things than just winning elections, and that this “electoral results first” perspective on creating a coherent platform to use the conservative base to implement will not get us anywhere.

Conservatives have been losing for years, because conservatives hate Conservatives. The Conservatives are not in any meaningful way conservative, and therefore cannot take over for the Liberals as a big tent party without abandoning their own voters, dooming them to lose every election they run in. The growth of the People’s Party is proof.

“The research, led by the U.K.-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) think-tank, identified more than 6,600 online channels — pages, accounts or groups — where Canadians were involved in spreading white supremacist, mysogynistic or other radical views. 

On some forums, Canadians were found to be “highly active,” even more, on average, than users in the U.S. and Britain.

On one particular message board called “politically incorrect” on the fringe site 4Chan, researchers found Canadian users created 1,636,558 posts, representing 5.71 per cent of posts from all countries.

The study suggests when the numbers were averaged out using each country’s “estimated internet-using population,” Canada was shown to be producing more content than anywhere else.”

“The study highlights the online roots of such groups, classifying incels as being part of the wider “manosphere” movement marked by “overt and extreme misogyny.””

As a right wing extremist myself, on the whole, I will be very happy if things keep going the way they are going, because from my perspective, it seems certain that our victory is inevitable.

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