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It’s convoy day, a day where Canadians regardless of race, religion or political affiliation can come together in support of the message of freedom. This day will go down in history as an important day for those of us keen on individual rights, and as such serves as a perfect day to launch the newly formed right-wing news blog, the Dominion Volume. Because the old site is going to be nuked off of the internet by the end of February, this post will contain every single written work I’ve released on the old site, from newest to oldest.

1/25/2022 – Canadian Media Ignores Frozen Illegals Smuggled by Black Floridian

I’ve been reading a lot of police files lately, because I was trying to figure out where to go to get a criminal record check to start working at my university part time. Us working class folk don’t usually get this deep a picture into the goings on behind the scenes but getting the information directly from the police allows for the information to be directly relayed.

Early this week, Manitoba RCMP discovered four frozen illegal aliens just north of the Canada-US border. These four Indian nationals were being smuggled into the United States from Canada by a black human trafficker from Florida named Steve Shand. He was charged in the United States.

ICE, the DHS and RCMP worked together to determine that Shand was working to smuggle a series of Indian illegals through Canada to the United States. This man’s business worked by convincing illegals that he can bring people into America illegally through Canada, dropping them off across the border claiming someone will pick them up, and then running off. This instance involved two families of Indian illegal aliens, both of which were travelling together after being dropped off in America.

These two families got separated, and one of them was found just over the Canadian border, frozen to death from the harsh Canadian winter. Human trafficking is a neglected issue, suppressed by the media. American media covered the story, despite it being a Canada based story, something all too common in the modern Canada. Canadian coverage of this story is lackluster, including large amounts of detail from the immigrants themselves, but is defending them as poor innocent victims rather than border ignoring alien scum.

Illegal aliens are being smuggled through Canada into the US, and smugglers are abandoning their “payloads” of trafficked families at the border in freezing Canadian winters for profit. The alt-con media, including the Rebel, Post Millennial and National Post have all been radio silent considering the immigration issue, hiding details about the real problem: immigration. I read the full story directly from RCMP documents for the Canadian angle, and Breaking911 for the stuff from ICE and the DHS, to make sure I got the story without bias.

The media, and Prime Minister Justin Castro put great emphasis on the story of the Indians themselves, calling it a great tragedy, but refusing to call attention that there are illegal immigrants being smuggled through our country. That’s the issue. The smuggler is a bad person, but the Indian families, flouting our laws engaging in illegal activity should have expected this. Typical for people from their country, having low intelligence, ignorance, willingness to trust actual human traffickers rather than obeying immigration law.

US law enforcement talked to the second family, who explained that they were traveling with the frozen Indians, who put the final case together. The first family walked through frigid cold near the border for 11 hours, expecting to be picked up, before freezing to death. Nobody showed up, proving to me that Steve Shand, typical for men of his complexion, has a gross disregard for human life. He convinces low-IQ third-worlders that he can get them into America, takes their money and dumps them, not caring what happens to them afterward.

We need much stricter border enforcement, to prevent this from happening. We wouldn’t have Floridian niggers smuggling illegals through our country if the illegals weren’t here to begin with. These illegals would be alive if they stayed in India, they would be alive if we caught them and deported them before this happened. Immigration enforcement is much too weak. These immigrants would be fine if we just kicked them out.

1/17/2022 – Why Reactionaries Fly the Red Ensign over the “Liberal Leaf”

Media groups and NGOs see the need to smear any reactionary, or authentically right wing group as extremist and white supremacist, and so the flag we fly as a symbol of our admiration for the past has been lumped in and labeled a white supremacist symbol.

The Canadian Red Ensign is a British Imperial naval flag with a red background, the shield from the Canadian coat of arms and a Union Jack in the corner. It served as the de-facto national flag of Canada until the adoption of the Maple Leaf in 1965, although was never given a “national flag” status. Prior to the adoption of the Maple Leaf, Canada’s official national flag was simply the Union Jack, often flown above the Red Ensign to symbolize the authority from under which Canadian self-government operates.

The Maple Leaf flag is not a bad flag, aesthetically, but it basically serves no purpose other than looking pretty and representing Canada as a political entity. There is no real tie in terms of symbology between the Maple Leaf and the Canadian people, as the flag simply includes a leaf of a tree that just happens to grow here. The national flag of Canada does not have any official meaning, in terms of symbology. There is a common misconception that the red bars at either side represent the two seas surrounding Canada, but as any geographer will note, Canada is surrounded by three, not two. The bars on the flag literally serve no purpose other than looking pleasant on our flag.

The notion that the Red Ensign is a white supremacist symbol no doubt comes from its actual symbology, which truly represents the various peoples that came together to form the Canadian nation, which is a living, breathing organism rather than a mere organizational system. Canada is a people, a people made up of several peoples, and the simplified coat of arms on the Red Ensign represents that perfectly, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

The Union Jack in the top left of the flag represents the monarchical system we live under. While an independent political entity, the Canadian government is a parliamentary democracy that operates under the British Crown. A separate country with the same head of state. The coat of arms represents the different peoples that came together to form this nation, and yes, those peoples happen to be white. A people is at least, in part defined by its ethnicity and Canada is by definition a white nation. The shield, split into five sections represents the following: the three lions in the top left represent the English, the single lion in the top right representing the Scottish, the harp representing the Irish and the three fleur-de-lis representing the French. The bottom segment contains three maple leaves joined together, a generic national symbol representing multiple nations coming together to form one. The colour of the leaves can either be red or green, the green representing youth, the red being used to mimic the national colour of the country.

Admitting Canada’s founding has an ethnic component is essential, and the Red Ensign does just that. That is the reason they hate it. They hate our flag because they hate our people, and our nationalism. They want us to feel disconnected, and Canada to be defined by its government, rather than its land and its people.

12/24/2021 – National Post Cucks Refuse to Oppose O’Toole’s Dissent-Squashing

A recent National Post opinion piece by John Ivison shows another example of these establishment morons not understanding the gravity of dissent within the Conservative Party of Canada.

From my perspective, utilizing the Conservatives to implement reactionary policy is the way to go, using the obvious, clear dissent within the party and the offshoot parties like the People’s Party and Ontario’s Ontario First and New Blue Parties. These strategies are not separate, but feed into each other. The thing we’re aiming for within the CPC would not be possible without the dissenting parties, and any dissident right infighting is unnecessary (most notably the shit-slinging between the Karahalios’ and Randy Hillier).

The best strategy ideally, short term is to push as hard as possible for a leadership review within the CPC and the provincial Tory parties, using the dissenting right-wing parties as leverage. My vote for the People’s Party served a greater purpose than simply “well I agree more with Mad Max than O’Toole or whatever.” I’m not a personality cult follower of Maxime Bernier, I simply see the necessity of fighting the CPC from the right wing, to destabilize it, pound it into the dirt and replace O’Toole with a racist incel zoomer nationalist gamer type figure, maybe a Donald Trump or a Hitler 2 kind of guy.

While I am mostly joking when I say Hitler 2, it should be noted that I do genuinely believe that we can displace O’Toole with someone on his right, and in doing so we can and should use that person to form government and at the very least halt the progressive march towards global communism for another four years (even if in end goal these gay libertarians want a wildly different outcome, these are actions that we can agree on taking together as dissenters from the mainstream Canadian right wing).

The issue I have with Ivison’s article is basically the framing of it. The opinion he is putting forward is that basically what is causing the Tories to consistently be defeated every step of the way is that there is no real unity within the Conservative Party. Of course, my position is that the Conservative party has far too much unity and does not allow for authentically conservative or reactionary voices to be expressed even if there are caucus members that believe in them.

Ivison’s article focused on the recent unanimously passed ban on faggot and tranny conversion therapy, basically stating that O’Toole needs to get control of the party in doing what he wants it to do, or the party will eat him alive, once again causing the Tories to be unprepared for the next election campaign. This would be a decent argument to someone who plain and simply, just wants the Conservative party to form government. You see this a lot in the United States, when for example, conservative pundits shilled for GOP snakes in the Georgia Senate runoffs, snakes that refused to state the obvious fact that the 2020 election was illegitimately stolen from the rightful King of America, Donald Trump.

These pundits will blindly squeeze out party appeasing propaganda to the base, knowing that they hate the leadership of the party, saying simply “well at least it isn’t a libtard lmao.” I’ve had enough of this “strategic voting” crap. These writers know damn well that the CPC depends on a voter base that actively despises their own party. Conservative voters do not support vaccine mandates, or mass immigration, or abortion, or sodomy.

Right wing people’s outlook on politics needs to and is shifting rapidly. It can no longer be about voting for the lesser of two evils, being cautious and nice to our enemies who want us dead. It can no longer be our focus to simply form government and slow down the inevitable collapse of our civilization. We must take concrete action from multiple fronts, using dissenting parties to cause the CPC to either come meet us where we are, or collapse and be replaced by us. All the while, we must be encouraging dissent within the CPC, not blindly shaking it off because “omgoodness that mean Trudeau for another four years such sad my taxes noooooooo.”

“It’s fine as long as I don’t have to pay for it,” is wrong. No, it’s not fine. These people are vile and need to be removed from office and thrown in prison for life at the very least. There is more to being a conservative than blindly shilling for corporations and politicians in the hope that maybe you’ll get a nice little extra tax cut here and there.

It’s not about forming government, it’s about enacting policy and the Conservative Party in its current state is incapable of such a thing. It needs to be fundamentally restructured from both outside and within to be worthy of support from genuine right-wingers.

12/09/2021 – Tranny Freaks are Erasing Women – and their Mass Murderers

The Prince Edward Island branch of the CBC has recently put out a tweet announcing that a man, who identifies as a trans woman will be speaking at the memorial service for the École Polytechnique massacre, once again allowing for feminist ideology to contradict itself in broad daylight.

This man, Anastasia Preston, has openly called for violence against “TERFs,” the feminists that are slightly less retarded than regular feminists. This event, which according to the media was an act of anti-female terrorism that left 14 Montreal women dead in 1989. The killer, who was obviously deranged decided to shoot every woman in an engineering class (who quite frankly do not belong there) because he was “fighting feminism.”

While that horrendous act of violence was obviously unnecessary, it brings to the front of my mind one simple thing; that feminism has done irreparable damage to western civilization. It has left men lonely, corrupt and deranged, and it has given women delusions of grandeur. Feminism by definition is designed to erase the distinctions that make women valuable as women.

“TERFs” malding about this on Twitter is nothing new. These women fail to understand that feminism itself, on its own has caused this. Feminists take one event from 30 years ago and use it as definitive proof that society is geared towards men, even though if that were the case the shooter would not have had any motivation to commit the act at all. It is a fact of nature that women do not belong in certain fields of work. Men have their roles, and women have theirs, and that is a good thing.

The ideological supposition that men and women are equal has enabled these disgusting freaks, taking away everything women have, including their stupid obsession with being murdered. Men and women are not equal. I’m not a TERF, I’m not opposed to “3rd-wave feminism.” I’m an anti-feminist. Feminism is anti-woman. Feminism just put a man, dressed up, dancing around pretending to be a woman as the head of a remembrance service for women.

11/27/2021 – Two Stories that Serve as a Cross-section of Western Decline

There are two stories that reveal a cross-section in our degraded culture that I thought might be worth covering briefly, both of which I found in the Post Millennial this morning. They’re both important, but not surprising so I thought I’d bring them up for a quick article.

The first of which brings us back to the Notre Dame Cathedral, which burned down in a “mysterious fire” two years ago. The truth of the crime is that there is a high possibility that the Cathedral was either burned down by Muslim migrants, anarchists, or other terrorists, which of course the media has been covering up. My belief is that it was intentionally planned or at least allowed by the French government to build this: a social justice, globalist theme park.

The agency in association with the French government in charge of rebuilding the Cathedral is using this arson as an opportunity to “build back better,” in similar style to the fake and gay COVID-19 pandemic. These plans make it seem to me (only through speculation of course) as if the arson was orchestrated from the beginning.

Apparently, the team is working on replacing the destroyed parts of this western cultural landmark with hideous modern art, and African and Asian themed chapels. The rebuilding is intended to make the Cathedral accessible to non-Catholics, as an insult to French, Catholic, and European heritage more broadly. This follows a series of church arsons across the west, which are exceptionally bad in both France and Canada, and almost exclusively target Catholics.

The second story is about an addition to Bill C-16, and other Canadian hate speech legislation dedicated to the protection of transgender ideology.

Bill C-16, which primarily serves to allow tranny freaks to enter whichever bathroom they wish, without fear of repercussions, enabling these disgusting scumbags to rape at will.

The article from the Post Millennial tries to assert that “intersectional” feminism is misogynistic, and that initial feminism fighting for women’s rights is somehow valuable. The Canadian government is basically fighting to entrench in law that this type of language is hate speech, the type of speech that leftists refer to as “TERF.” The Canadian government, at least on social policy is one that is so hyper-progressive that feminism is considered hate speech.

The Post Millennial writer fails to understand, however, that feminism by its own nature enables homosexuality and transgenderism by natural extension, because the feminist position falsely asserts that men and women are equal. If men and women are equal, there is no difference between heterosexual and homosexual couples. If men and women are equal, why wouldn’t they be able to switch between them at will?

The assertion that men and women are equal has caused the logical progression from that point to where we are now, where sodomy is considered marriage and you can cut your genitals out and claim to be the opposite sex. In order to win, we must establish our position firmly rooted in reality, not in superficial ideas about equality. Equality is fake and gay.

These stories both show how far our society has fallen, so I hope that they have been enlightening.

11/21/2021 – Black Nationalist Child Molester Rams SUV Through Crowd of Happy Whites

By now, most people have heard a version of the events that transpired in Waukesha, Wisconsin earlier this week, but few understand the true gravity of the situation due to intentional withholding of information by media organizations.

Suspect Darrell E. Brooks, who rammed an SUV through a wholesome Christmas parade in an intentionally brutal murder spree, is also a convicted child predator who “pimped” a 16-year-old girl and attempted to run over a woman who claimed to be the mother of his child just two weeks earlier. Due to racial bias in favour of ethnic minorities in the justice system, “at the time of the crime on Sunday, Brooks was out on $1,000 bail for reckless endangerment, battery, domestic abuse, resisting arrest and bail jumping (Breaking911).” Brooks seemingly saw to it that he rammed his red SUV through as many people as possible, making no distinction even for children, women, or the elderly.

This event lead to the death of 6 people, injuries in 62 more.

Noticeably excluded from mainstream media articles are the suspect’s race, political ideology, and until recently his criminal history. Police and media companies are refusing to call this attack terrorism.

Brooks’ social media accounts are lined with Black Lives Matter sympathetic rhetoric, and the incident took place around one hour outside Kenosha, WI, a couple short days after American hero Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty in his criminal trial. It is clear to me that Brooks’ motivation for this grossly obscene terrorist attack was purely anti-white hatred, sparked by the Rittenhouse verdict.

Let me take you on a journey through the events of that day, extrapolated by my enormous brain. Darrell Brooks, who has blind racial animus towards white people due to constant consumption of mainstream media programming and a history of violent crime, is a supporter of the BLM movement. He finds out, maybe on the radio in his SUV that Kyle Rittenhouse, that terrible “white supremacist” who shot three people, killing two was found not guilty by the jury.

Because he is unaware of the reality of the Rittenhouse situation, partially because he consumes mainstream media and partially because he is a part of the lowest average IQ demographic in America, he descends into a blind racist frenzy. He sees a parade of white people, celebrating. He couldn’t stand seeing white people happy. He drove his SUV straight into the crowd, nearly perpendicular to the road, hoping to kill as many happy white people as possible.

Darrell Brooks is an anti-white, racist terrorist and a mass murderer. He can and should be publicly executed for his disgusting behaviour. He already belonged in jail for child rape and attempted vehicular homicide. Darrell Brooks is subhuman filth. He, and the people that run media companies who covered for him deserve to be killed.

We live in a society in which criminals like Darrell Brooks walk the streets and innocent people like Derek Chauvin go to jail. This is not acceptable.

9/07/2021 – Trudeau Keeps Getting Swarmed – And it’s Awesome!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is actively hated in Canada, and the massive waves of protesters swarming him make that evidently clear. Yesterday, he made a routine campaign stop in London, Ontario where he claims he was possibly hit by thrown rocks and gravel by foul-mouthed protesters.

He, when commenting on the events wrongly accused the crowd of being racist and misogynistic, despite him being a white man. The crowd’s entire intention was to protest the government’s push for a national COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which is a moral issue, not an issue of “the science.” It is morally corrupt for the government to legislate medical treatment, track your medical data, and create checkpoints in front of every building in the country for a virus that is statistically extremely non-lethal.

Conservatives calling this out as unacceptable highlight what my biggest issue is with the right in Canada and the west more broadly: unwillingness to do what is necessary to be successful out of fear of being like the left. While I am opposed to violence, the swarming and shouting of obscenities, while unsightly, is admirable as it shows the true nature of the country’s true relationship with Justin Trudeau. He is a despot, a scumbag who controls the media, and these emotional outbursts are a justified, good thing.

The Conservative party supports vaccine passports, which would effectively serve as a vaccine mandate, so the Liberal’s attempts to smear the CPC as an anti-vax party are exceptionally disingenuous. Trudeau is trying to link these demonstrations to the conservative party, and O’Toole is trying to capitalize on their emotions despite supporting the same policies they oppose.

8/24/2021 – Politicians Lie, Get Over It

The Conservative Party of Canada is throwing a fit over the Trudeau Liberals’ new propaganda campaign that manipulates video to make it sound like Erin O’Toole opposes Canada’s universal healthcare system. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s initial tweet is now labeled with a “manipulated media” warning, but the Conservatives refuse to be satisfied with their noble crusade.

The lawyers of the Conservative Party are currently filing legal action against the Liberals over this lie, because in Canada, lying on an election campaign to defame your opponent is a crime as detailed by the Canada Elections Act; but I would argue that it shouldn’t be. If they aren’t beholden to any rules, why should we be?

This is the same issue faced by former US President Donald Trump, who was illegally banned from most major social media platforms, except in Canada, the public/private sector fusion in Big Tech is irrelevant and free speech does not exist. Politicians lie, as that is their nature. Politicians will do anything they can to gain power and influence in public life, including selling out their souls and abandoning moral truth. Erin O’Toole needs to learn this hard and unfortunate fact, instead of hiding, shriveled in the corner claiming the moral high ground.

Instead of playing by rules that the left refuses to acknowledge, abandon rules and play to win. If the Liberals lie about you on their campaign, don’t whine and cry, starting a lawsuit that won’t go anywhere, make fun of them. Do a little trolling. Tell a lie. You didn’t choose to be a politician because you’re a good person, you chose to because you want to exert your will on the public, and to make that happen you need to eviscerate your opposition completely.

O’Toole and the Conservatives need to get out of their delusional dream of the Liberals and the left playing by the rules of proper etiquette and civil interaction, they don’t care. Stop caring and fight dirty as is necessary for total victory. Sometimes doing something nasty is necessary to bring in a better world.

8/21/2021 – No Michelle, “Poppers” Should Stay Illegal

The wave to legalize recreational drugs inside the conservative movement is very real and disturbing. This trend is accentuated by the Conservative Party of Canada, which is pushing farther and farther to the left leading into this coming September election.

As a religious conservative, you can understand why a recreational drug that relaxes your butthole for easier gay sex concerns me, but that is not the main point. Poppers or alkyl nitrates have been strictly illegal in Canada since 2013 for posing serious health threats, especially when combined with other drugs meant for use as sexual aids, including Viagra.

Conservative Party MP Michelle Rempel Garner has started a push to legalize these drugs, in a party that until recently still opposed the legalization of marijuana. She did this in an open letter to the health minister, claiming that the ban is solely based on homophobia and the “stigmatization of LGBTQ health.” This however is not the case however, as these drugs are extremely dangerous as they lower the user’s blood pressure and can cause serious side effects when combined with other drugs with similar effects. Although unlikely, when swallowed they are fatal.

Fundamentally, it is harmful that the Conservative Party has adopted a more uniquely American branch of conservatism, one that’s more libertine and degraded, and if it is to be successful, the Conservative Party must respect the wishes of its right-wing constituency. Progressives, moderates and libertarians make up a tiny portion of the conservative base, but always end up in leadership positions.

The Conservatives now are more socially progressive than the Liberals, fighting to end the ban on homosexuals giving blood, which would very obviously directly cause a large spike in HIV/AIDs. The right’s priorities should not be to fight for LGBTQ rights, or whatever, they should be to revoke them. The Conservative platform should not be pro-choice, nor should it support immigration or gay marriage.

8/15/2021 – Conservatives of Canada: What Do You Have to Lose? (PPC Endorsement)

This past Sunday, the Governor-General of Canada granted Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s respect to dissolve his minority government and call an early election this September and the Conservative Party is losing its mind.

There are members of the Conservative Party of Canada that seem to believe that any wrong move can cost them serious losses in this snap election, some of whom are complaining about internet memes about Justin Trudeau being “distasteful,” the National Post reported in an outsourced article to Reuters.

Currently, the Conservatives are behind the Liberals’ 37% in the polls by 9% and there is little chance they will gain any ground in time for this September. The center-right party would theoretically need to step up its game in order to even keep the Trudeau Liberals sitting in a minority government (where the ruling party has a plurality, not a majority), but it seems that they are consistently unwilling to even remain loyal to its own voters.

39% of Canadians, for example in a recent poll responded by saying they want to “drastically reduce immigration targets,” including 64% of reported Conservative voters. The Liberal Party and the New Democrats working in tandem in this minority parliament have made it the case that over 400 000 new people will become permanent residents in 2021, and the Conservative Party has no opposition to the policy on record.

This and many other issues including abortion and other socially conservative positions show a clear disconnect between the Conservative Party and actual conservatives.

There is a way to fight this, however, with the People’s Party of Canada. Now, I’m not delusional, I am certain that the People’s Party will serve only as a bludgeon against the Conservative Party, severely damaging its chances of winning an election, but that is exactly the point.

Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party are regularly criticized for “splitting the right-wing vote,” making it impossible for Conservatives to be effective, but what difference does it make? What genuine difference would there be between a Liberal government and a Conservative one? Opposition Leader Erin O’Toole supports a carbon tax and is militantly pro-free trade, abortion and immigration. He also refuses to rule out a vaccine/mask mandate nationwide and refuses to call to end the COVID lockdowns.

The only issue the Conservatives have in their favor is their opposition to internet censorship from Bills C-10 and C-36, but with their inconsistency and unwillingness to stand up to their political opponents, what choice do we have but to assume they will only create their own versions? 

So really, what do we have to lose? What are you conserving by voting Conservative? It’s time to force the Conservatives to adopt farther right-wing positions in order to be viable. We need to send them a message, that we refuse to vote for another globalist, liberal platform. We cannot allow them to believe that we will show up to vote for them regardless of what they do for us because, in the end, they work for us, not the other way around. Vote for the People’s Party to destroy the Conservatives. They’d do it to you in a heartbeat.

8/07/2021 – Canada’s Next Election is Revealing a Disturbing Parallel to Biden’s Fake and Gay Election

It has become the general consensus of the Canadian establishment media that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be calling on the Governor-General to dissolve the government and call an early election within the next month. All major political parties have started pouring a large amount of money into campaign ads, as Trudeau’s assault on electoral policy is nearing its final step.

The obvious parallel here is the US 2020 election, which was obviously at the very least susceptible to significant amounts of voter fraud through the mail-in ballots, as election officials tore down election integrity measures prior to the election. It is obviously concerning that the political party that dissolved election laws won an election by a massive margin, and then continues to insist there couldn’t possibly have been any fraud.

Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perrault has been making the assertion that it may take two to five days to complete a ballot count, insisting that this isn’t “nefarious,” saying that “it’s not an accident, it’s not a sign of things going wrong but in fact is part of the process as we’ve designed it in these very unique circumstances of the pandemic,” as the number of mail-in ballots in this election is being increased from 50 000 to 5 000 000. This is exactly what the US media was predicting prior to Biden’s sweeping victory that left half of America claiming a rigged election.

This serves as a message to dissidents in Canada: these people do not care about you. That includes our so-called “Conservatives” who refuse to call out the Liberals for anything substantial.

Canadian political parties are extremely hierarchical, whipping dissenters into submission. Look up what happened to Derek Sloan, who was removed from the Conservative Party for being too conservative, and Jody Wilson-Raybould, who was removed from the Liberal Party for calling out Trudeau for corruption. This intimidation makes our parties weak in opposing the conglomerate. The conservative party will not dare to even allow individual members to speak up about their political enemies’ direct attack on voting rights. The only things the conservative party can do are pre-approved, like opposition to speech restrictions and wanting lower taxes.

This weakened opposition has lead to splinter parties forming, including the People’s Party led by Maxime Bernier and a new party that is being created by former Conservative MP Derek Sloan. These parties will split the right-wing vote in such a way that may be the inevitable fraud by the Liberals won’t even be necessary.

8/02/2021 – Evictionism is Worse than Being Pro-Choice

Libertarians have two major schools of thought when it comes to the question of abortion, both of which are disgusting and wrong on a fundamental level. Those groups are the departurists and the evictionists.

Evictionists are the worst of the worst for several reasons, but to explain that I first need to explain what their view is. Both departurists and evictionists recognize the fetus as an unborn child with its own individual rights, but evictionists believe something much more sinister on top of that. Evictionists believe that a woman’s body is her own property, and because of this, a mother may determine at will that her fetus is a parasite that is infringing upon her property rights.

While a departurist (still believing that a woman’s body is her own property) would believe that it is only justifiable to remove the fetus in the rare case that the woman was raped or the fetus was threatening the life of the mother, an evictionist believes that women have the right to “evict” the fetus from “her premises” as she sees fit, as a fetus being in her “private property” against her consent (which can be withdrawn at any time) is seen as a violation of the non-aggression principle, regardless of whether or not the fetus is threatening her life, or if it became a resident of her “private property” by her invitation when she engaged in unprotected sex.

The eviction analogy allows the libertarian to compare the rights of the pregnant woman with the rights of the landlord, who reserves the right to evict any tenant from his private property for any reason. The issue here is simple; evicting a tenant from a piece of real estate isn’t the direct murder of a tenant, while the removal of a developing fetus is. Both camps hold that the fetus must be removed from the mother unharmed and in-tact, leaving it to die of natural causes, but that also implies that they reserve the right to evict a tenant they know perfectly well would die instantly upon being removed from their property.

Morality is not subjective, it is objective, and directly and intentionally causing the death of another person is objectively morally wrong in any case unless they directly threaten your physical safety. On top of that, the age of the victim has to be taken into account. An adult tenant is fully capable of rational thought and is responsible for his own expenses. A fetus is an underdeveloped child whose responsibilities lie with his parents.

It is inexcusable to use ideology to rationalize and over-nuance a simple moral question. If you believe that a fetus is a human being and that killing human beings is wrong, you must be pro-life, without exception. At least with the pro-choice argument, they reject the idea that a fetus is a human, and although that is wrong, it is not contradictory with their conclusion that abortion is acceptable for any reason. The evictionist argument simply makes no sense.

7/26/2021 – PayPal is Debanking Conservatives

Controversy has arisen, as PayPal has recently announced that it is going to be initiating a partnership with the Anti-Defamation League, which ironically exists entirely to defame people. This partnership’s goal is to combat “extremists” and “protect marginalized communities,” and will “focus on uncovering and disrupting the financial pipelines that support extremist and hate movements.”

This comes after wave after wave of increasing levels of censorship on the Big Tech platforms, as openly directed by the Biden administration. Whitehouse Press Secretary Jen Psaki for example on July 15th said that “we’re (the administration) flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation,” and after Facebook introduced new protocols that try to get friends and family members to report to them if they think someone that they know is becoming a “domestic violent extremist,” not unlike the reporting system that existed in East Germany, and it now notifies people if they were exposed to “extremist content.”

Unsurprisingly, the NGO that Facebook partnered with for this called “Life After Hate” which is focused on the “violent far-right. Facebook’s censorship campaigns have disproportionately targeted right-wing content, including the more libertarian-leaning “boogaloo” people and QAnon conspiracy theorists, and it is so evidently clear that these rules are not being enforced consistently since the illegal ban of President Donald Trump has happened free from a consequence on every major platform.

Big Tech is known not to enforce hate speech guidelines accurately or consistently, and the groups responsible, including left-wing NGOs like the ADL, SPLC, and now Life After Hate, are now involved in campaigns with financial services like PayPal. If they can ban Donald Trump from social media, they can ban you. If they can put Nick Fuentes on the no-fly list, freeze his assets and ban him from PayPal they can do it to you, and this new partnership between PayPal and Life After Hate makes one thing clear: they fully intend on doing just that.

If you are authentically right-wing, PayPal is coming for you. They don’t want you to be allowed to make money. These people want us to struggle, using backchannels for everything from simple free speech, free association, free-market exchange, and political activism.

7/25/2021 – Politicians are Ignoring Anti-Christian Terrorism

At this point in time, radical anarchist terrorists have committed arson against nearly 50 Canadian Catholic churches over their perceived injustices against the Indigenous peoples. This comes after article after article claiming that hundreds upon thousands of unmarked graves have been discovered at the country’s nationally funded Catholic residential schools that operated from Canada’s conception in 1867 until the late 20th Century.

The fundamental issue with the media narrative on this is not that they are claiming that these schools committed heinous acts that should never have occurred, as their primary purpose was to assimilate Indigenous children into the dominant, British culture, wiping out traditions, languages, and religious views, but that they are using it as a bludgeon to bully innocent Canadians into submission, where they’re forced into rejecting their heritage and identity. They’re using it as an excuse to destroy any sign of Canadian history and Christian truth remaining in this country by mobilizing radicals, all the while the silence of the political class is deafening.

Out of the nearly 50 cases of arson against churches 17 of them have sustained serious fire damage or were completely burned to the ground and these attacks span across seven of the country’s provinces and territories. These terrorists also gathered on and around July 1st in cities around the country and forcefully removed statues of Canada’s current and former Heads of State, Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II as well as our founding Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, instead of calling out the violence, called for Pope Francis to give a public “apology to Indigenous Canadians on Canadian soil.” Opposition Leader Erin O’Toole has not once called for any direct action against these terrorists, even as members of his own Conservative Party say that “…Burning a church is a hate crime…” as he believes he needs to be marketable as a “compassionate alternative” to Trudeau. I would like to simply ask this: what is compassionate about sitting peacefully, merely claiming that you disavow violence and watching as scum-sucking terrorist trash defile our great nation’s history with violent acts that are uprooting our communities? How is abandoning your voter-base going to cause the average Canadian to get out and vote against Trudeau in the inevitable early election the “compassionate” position? Compassion would put these people in jail.

These terrorists should all be arrested and deported for what they’ve done. We don’t act compassionately to people who hate us, we act compassionately to our own people in spite of them. It simply doesn’t make any common sense to talk about this issue like you don’t want to offend some people. If you burn down a church or have sympathy for anyone who would, you deserve to be offended. The RCMP must be deployed to round up this scum and throw it all in a cage never to be seen again in the light of the civil society, and it needs to happen now.

7/12/2021 – The Niggas be Fartin’ Crisis of 2021

Yesterday I was going on another arrogant trolling spree on Twitter, against a liberal who simply did not understand the gravity of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which allows social media sites to be treated as platforms, and thus exempt from responsibility for what is posted on them. This causes an issue when the platforms selectively censor the different types of political speech allowed on the platforms. This liberal, as is typical, turned to the typical name-calling saying I was too young, saying my home country of Canada is a shithole, et cetera. This led to me, the high-IQ genius I am retorting with several shitposts, insults, and more. The nail in the coffin for my Twitter account however was when I posted a meme image with the caption “niggas be fartin,” as the liberal mass reported all my tweets following that incident.

The first notification from Twitter I got was that I was locked out of my account or 12 hours for posting hateful content. They made me delete tweet after tweet, thread after thread until I finally got back into my account. After I got home, Twitter asked me to delete one more tweet, the infamous: “niggas be fartin.” 

At that point, I had had enough. I was through. I decided to wipe my account clean of all my tweets, but how? I had a whopping over a hundred thousand tweets! How exactly would I save myself from certain de-platforming and doom?  I rushed to Google for answers and discovered and it worked a treat. The self-nuking was nearly complete, but could I have overlooked something? 

I have not been able to log into my Twitter account on any device other than my cell phone for a while, as the phone number I used to create the account no longer exists. The tweet-deleting website asked for the number to send me a code, but once again, it never arrived, but as a fluke, I got in anyway! A miracle? No.

The whole account is gone. The tweets disappeared, but so did the account. Twitter, assuming I’d been hacked has suspended my account indefinitely, and my phone number and email addresses have been blocked from creating any new accounts. At the time being, I am hopeful for the restoration of my beautiful miracle of a Twitter account, with zero flaws in the execution of punch lines, political commentary, and racist trolling. Unfortunately, I must remain cautious. I am attempting to rebuild my following on Gab, but the reach just isn’t the same as it is on the monopolistic tech giants’ platforms.

For the time being, follow me on Gab @bloo_ and check in here on my website regularly for gut-wrenching political commentary. Please, be patient. @blooskeptic on Twitter will return one day in some form or another.

3/16/2021 – Stop Kicking Conservatives Out of the Conservative Party

Today an Ontario MPP has come under fire by Premier Doug Ford for associating with a pro-life organization that “compares abortion to the holocaust.” This is one of the many instances of the so-called right-wing party ostracizing its own for holding right-wing views. While I do agree with the MPP’s position on abortion being objectively worse than the holocaust, this is a fair example of this disturbing trend.

Conservatism is a dead ideology. Conservatives spend more time attacking their own members than the other side does, in an attempt to take up the role as the big tent centrist party, replacing the Liberals as they push farther and farther to the political left. The second Harper left the federal conservative party, they have been attempting to surgically remove its spine like a malignant tumor. Maxime Bernier, now the leader of yet another centrist, conservative in name only party, saw this coming a mile away.

Derek Sloan, one of the 2019 leadership race candidates, who dealt with wide opposition by the centrist wing of the party was sidelined by Erin O’Toole, who lied about being a solidly right-wing candidate to take advantage of the voter base of the party, barely squeezing past the plurality threshold by being everyone’s second choice. Sloan was immediately forced out of the party, O’Toole using the pathetic excuse of white supremacy.

Sloan, along with Pierre Polievre both refuse to stand up to the establishment conservatives, even though they were removed from committee assignments and the party altogether respectively for simply holding conservative views. In the conservative party.

3/08/2021 – International Women’s Day Doesn’t Deserve Any Respect

Today is international women’s day, in the beginning of international women’s week, in international women’s month. If you’re confused, I don’t blame you, these “holidays” don’t mean anything and detract from the messages they are trying to promote.

International Women’s Day is a day dedicated to feminism, the toxic ideological religion that has corrupted the west’s women into self-indulgent whores. The day takes away from truly virtuous women, like feminism itself, promoting cheating, polygamy, homosexuality, and the fundamentally incorrect idea that traditional marriage is a tyranny. The movement pushed women out of the home and into the workplace, ruining several generations of childrens’ childhoods.

If you plan on doing anything to celebrate women, do it on Mother’s Day, a holiday that actually matters.

3/07/2021 – Media Attempting to Link Trump and the Proud Boys

Yesterday, the New York Times published an article in which they claim that a leader of the Proud Boys was in contact with a Trump administration official prior to the January 6th incident. They do not provide their source, or specifically mention any Trump official by name, leading me to once again be skeptical about the media narrative, as they blatantly lied about March 4th.

It is also common information in right-wing circles the Proud Boys’ leadership turned out to be attached to the feds, as the leader of the so-called white supremacist group was a colored man and a federal informant. It is fundamentally important to not allow the media to demoralize us as conservatives. The media, the oligarchy, and the government now function in unison, making it hard for any conservative expression whatsoever.

This is following many years of the media running interference for Democrats, pushing their talking points as fact to undermine conservatives, in favor of establishment republicans and the broader democratic party. After trying for years to link the Trump campaign with the Russian government and to smear the now-former president as racist, it should be seriously considered that they just hate us, plain and simple.

The NYT is capitalizing on the public’s lack of knowledge when it comes to right-wing groups like the Proud Boys, fearmongering as an excuse for the Biden administration’s refusal to demilitarize the Capitol.

3/05/2021 – Jennifer Rubin Compares ID Cards to Segregation

Yesterday, the Washington Post published an op-ed from Jennifer Rubin with the intent to combat “systemic racism” in voting laws. Ironically when doing this she quoted President Lyndon Johnson, who was famous for ballot-box stuffing and sexually harassing Whitehouse staff.

If you understand the subtext, the message Rubin is trying to promote here is that democracy is worthless when it doesn’t directly benefit her own political agenda. The message directly claims that voter ID laws, requiring people to prove that they are US citizens to be eligible to vote is somehow suppressing minority votes, comparable to Jim Crow laws that made it legal to deny voting rights to blacks. This is so fundamentally idiotic. No, requiring people to show an ID card is not racial discrimination and it is a racist proposition to assume that minority voters cannot possibly manage to get their own ID.

The illusion that President Lyndon B. Johnson was somehow a social justice warrior is so fundamentally false. His entire reasoning for supporting the civil rights movement was to “take over the black vote,” notably saying “we’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for 100 years.” Lyndon Johnson was a liar, racist and, political hack who rigged every election he ran in. Using him as an example for civil rights activism is like calling Stalin the savior of Ukraine.

3/04/2021 – Making Menstrual Products Free Could Actually be a Good Idea

In 2015, the Canadian government removed the sales tax from women’s hygiene products, deeming them essential and therefore justified in making them more affordable. As a conservative, I support removing taxes on everything that doesn’t need them making this decision a good one in my books, but that’s not the endgame for the Trudeau Liberals anymore.

Because I hold an unusual position among conservatives, meaning I am much more willing to use government to promote traditional values, the calls from feminists to have government-supplied menstrual products are not something I’m as afraid of as a libertarian may be. While economically yes, the decision to do that would cause these products to scarcer and more expensive as a result, it would mean that the leftists that control the government would finally have to admit to a fundamental truth; that men and women are fundamentally different.

Many countries are also giving women time off from work to deal with period pain, a decision I also support. This would force liberals to admit that women earning less than men makes logical sense, forcing them to stop claiming that any inequality at all in pay is the result of discrimination, revealing the flaws in the premise on the same topic for groups such as race as well.

Feminism as a movement was designed to remove any legal distinction between men and women, which has hurt women more than it has helped them. Men and women are not equal. They are not the same, and should not be treated as if they are the same. Men should be treated like men, and women should be treated like women. If that means my taxes have to go up so the government provides women extra menstrual products, I accept that. We should not care about being treated equally. Women have issues men do not have, and men have issues women do not have.

While theoretically, I oppose government spending on a fundamental level, using it to promote a traditional view of gender is something I can get behind, even if the government does it by accident.

3/03/2021 – Innocent Children Were to be Placed in Solitary Confinement

This past weekend, the Ontario Township of Peel announced new sweeping COVID regulations that are not only not supported by science but are in direct violation of human rights on a fundamental level.

This new regulation imposed by Peel’s public health authority decrees that if a member of a classroom is tested positive for COVID-19, they and the rest of the class are now required to self isolate in a far more extreme way than we have seen so far. For every one child with COVID, they are placing 15-30 students into isolation. The measures they are now requiring, however, mandate that these young children be separate from the rest of their family, practice masking and social distancing in their own homes, and even use separate bathrooms from the rest of their families.

We need to fundamentally stop these regulations at their source, by refusing to obey them. They can’t stop all of us. It is frankly irrelevant whether or not they are effective in stopping the spread of the virus, even if it were as deadly as media and public health officials were pretending it is. We need to oppose these measures on a strictly moral level. We cannot keep allowing ourselves to be governed by emotionless, satanic tyrants. It has become clear that the coronavirus is not a significant threat, and even if it were, that would not excuse world governments using it as an excuse to publicly become an anti-freedom, unified police-state.

While they are walking these policies back following the justified backlash, we need to realize that these people do not care about public health. They just want power. Noone gives up that kind of power. They would propose policies like this again in a heartbeat. Wake up. We’re boiling frogs.

3/02/2021 – Pastor Jailed for Giving a Sermon

Albertan Churches have been heroically disobeying COVID restrictions for the last little while now, causing the authorities an amusing amount of stress, but in the City of Calgary, the right to peaceful assembly is little more than manure to their police department.

Pastor James Coates has been arrested after a raid on his church by public health services. In Alberta, it is currently illegal to enter a church without masking and maintaining 6-feet of social distancing. The laws were not based on scientific data, but on the pinings of establishment bureaucrats. The government has been spying on religious gatherings, enforcing masking and social distancing like COVID is as bad as a nuclear holocaust, when that is evidently false, especially considering the government is exaggerating the death rate and fabricating cases to extend their own power.

The fact that the government is taking extensive steps to fight against religious gatherings and people’s private parties is a disgrace and a human rights disaster.

3/01/2021 – Gov. Cuomo and #MeToo

While I find it tired to call out double-standards from leftists, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is a uniquely evil person that deserves every last ounce of criticism. The fact that right-wing people are finally trying to use the left’s tactics of smear campaigns and sexual assault allegations is something we as conservatives should be looking to emulate. In this case specifically, calling out the double-standard has proved very effective.

For too long, conservatives have been too afraid to use government to combat the left’s radically offensive political strategy. When the entire government, bureaucrats, and corporate oligarchy have the same political views, it does not make sense pragmatically for the entire political strategy of the opposition to be defensive. “Well actually, the Democrats are the real racists,” is not going to get us anywhere. We cannot realistically continue to accept their premises for moral thought when our values are in accordance with God, and their values are directly oppositional to God.

When conservatives are out of power, we need to attack the left on all of its policies. We need to attack their moral framework because it is wrong and evil. No more of  “well we couldn’t dare use government to enforce our morality,” or “here are all the reasons I’m not racist and you are.” We need to fundamentally reject their premises to begin with. When the left pushes a new policy, instead of saying, “okay, as long as it doesn’t affect my right to religious freedom,” we need to get loud, and simply say “no.”

While morally, yes, it is unhealthy to continuously use unsubstantiated sexual assault allegations as a political weapon, we cannot continue to act like the left wants to play by our rules. They have their own set of rules they expect us to follow, that they don’t even follow themselves, so we need to hold them accountable not only by their rules but by ours.

 The women that have come forward against Andrew Cuomo have much more realistic stories than any of the stories that came out against Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump, and if conservatives were to use them instead of refusing to act prematurely to take the moral high ground that the left doesn’t care about, we would win a lot more often, like in this situation when we managed to convince NY democrats to call for Cuomo’s resignation following not only his intentional moving of COVID-19 patients into nursing homes but these new sexual assault allegations.

3/01/2021 – Why Trump is the Eternal GOP Leader

Trump is naming names. Yesterday at CPAC, President Donald Trump, the rightful leader of the free world and the most powerful nation on earth gave a speech that reinvigorated the conservative movement once again. While at first, I, and many others in the dissident sections of the right thought it to be a rather typical CPAC Trump speech, he soon started to name many of the Republicans who refused to fight for him in the aftermath of the 2020 election.

He also said many important things that needed to be said about immigration, which was a nice touch but in the end when it came to the political points themselves, it wasn’t anything special. Even so, Donald Trump serves as a reminder that the normal working American will never be ignored. Trump truly is the people’s president, through his policy, yes but most importantly through his rhetoric and sheer political force of will. He can absolutely dominate in debates, whether they’re against Democrats or other Republicans, removing any chance the GOP has of reinserting an establishment hack as the head of the party.

Even some RINOs are learning at least to pay lip service to their proper role in politics, namely Mitt Romney, who although doesn’t support Trump himself, respects him as the head of the party. Trump is the leader of America First, and the leader of America more broadly, even as the Democrats consolidate more and more power.

Donald Trump sometimes falls flat on some of the issues and has far too many enemies in the political establishment to be ultimately successful, but he serves as a messenger for the American people, and as the best bulwark we could ever have against the globalist oligarchy we are now subject to.

2/28/2021 – The CPAC Disaster and Populist Inc.

While the focus yesterday of media giants was on the Conservative Political Action Conference and their idiotic claims of neo-Nazi symbolism in the literal shape of the stage, the coverage seemed to ignore the true message that was being promoted at the event overall. 

High amounts of security, requiring mask-wearing and social distancing for admittance, all the while claiming to support the values of the conservative voter base of the Republican Party. After you come to realize the true intentions of the large majority of the major speakers at CPAC, whether they hold political power or not, you cannot take their claims of solidarity with the American worker seriously.

Ted Cruz for example, had a viral moment on Twitter, where he claimed that “Donald Trump ain’t goin’ anywhere.” Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnel, and Mitt Romney, all fake conservatives that at once point called themselves “never-Trumpers,” are along with their fellow establishment Republicans are taking the slogan “America First” and co-opting it for themselves. These are the people that advocated for “Trumpism without Trump,” an extrapolation and merging of the typical 90s and 2000s neo-conservatism with the rhetoric of Trump, watered down.

The slogan “Cancel Cancel Culture” is wielded by the same people who forcefully ejected anyone with socially conservative values from the conservative movement. The same people that push for mass migration. The same people that openly embrace homosexuals and transgenderism into the conservative movement. The same people that push for economic wars and neo-interventionism. These are the people now claiming the America First agenda. It is obvious what they are doing. It is nothing but a grift, a fight for your vote, your money and your country.

Losers and retards like Matt Gaetz, and Dan Cringeshaw do not represent Americans.

2/27/2021 – What’s Really in the “Equality Act?”

Earlier this week, the US House of Representatives once again passed the “Equality Act,” which attempts to expand LGBT rights. The media narrative around this piece of legislation is misleading, promoting the idea that this bill simply promotes anti-discrimination laws.

However, this legislation includes language that will allow, for example, creates loopholes that remove any legal distinction between men and women, and includes that any claims that men and women are unique and biologically different is now considered hate speech. This law makes it illegal for sports teams to distinguish between the sexes in allowing them to compete in competitive sports. This would mean that if a man were to claim to be a woman and try out for women’s sports, this man would have not only an unstoppable advantage, but it would be illegal for the leader of a sports team to disqualify him.

While the social media attention focused on a petty debate between Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and some Twitter-tier politicians, the Democratic Party rammed through this legislation that is now making its way to the Democrat-controlled Senate. While the media is casting doubt about the bill’s future, it remains clear that since the vote for this bill was almost perfectly along party lines in the House, it will most likely stay that way in the Senate, passing with a slight majority.

This bill also directly states that it overrides the argument of “religious freedom,” undoing the right of religious people to deny service to people based on their sexuality. This legislation openly encourages degenerate, anti-Christian behaviour and contradicts the First Amendment right of religious people to follow their belief systems.

2/26/2021 – US Airstrike in Syria Reminds us that Elections Don’t Matter

Yesterday, the United States military restarted bombing campaigns in Syria as a “defensive measure against Iran.” It has become very clear that these forever-wars serve no purpose except increasing the US GDP artificially, through extraction of resources and mass migration.

Last night’s airstrike served one purpose beyond any other, putting America’s reputation as a globalized terror force back on the table. The “world police” argument fell flat after the disaster that was the war in Iraq, and how the US government basically founded ISIS to launder money from its citizens, not caring who gets blown up in middle-eastern shit pits.

While media insists President Biden himself ordered the airstrike, I am skeptical. I don’t see him as capable of launching something this sophisticated, especially when under Trump, the US military complex would regularly defy the Commander-in-chief’s direct orders to pull troops out and to halt attacks.

The bureaucratic alliances between big business, government officials and international groups works to protect itself from intrusion at all levels. The biggest threat to their power isn’t of one specific political party, but from people who support the idea of non-interventionism and America First (isolationist) economic policy. This becomes more and more evident as people who speak out against these things are the first to face the beating from political censorship, independent of the leftist mobs of twitter.

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